The first ever DVD to feature one of the great UK punk bands of all time – The Subhumans. Subhumans are one of the most successful bands to emerge from the anarcho-punk scene in the UK from 1980-85. Alongside Conflict, Crass, etc, their angered, intelligent lyrics and music are far more diverse than most punk bands, their attitude was self-searching and strongly D.I.Y; their 5 albums, 6 EP’s and numerous cassettes were released on their own Bluurg Records label.

Highly influenced by the Sex Pistols at the outset of their career, the band was formed in 1980. The Subhumans mixed standard Pistols thrash with moody, textured pieces and the occasional reggae/ska number. Although the group disbanded in the mid-1980’s, three of the members continued to work together in the highly successful band Citizen Fish.

The band reformed to undertake a nationwide tour of the U.S. in 2003, and ‘All Gone Live’ features a full-length show from that tour, alongside some unique home-movie style footage shot by band as the tour progressed.

Amongst the tracks included are UK independent chart top-twenty hits ‘Parasites’, ‘Society’, ‘Human Error’, ‘Big City’ and ‘Rats’.

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All Gone Dead / Can't Hear The Words / New Age / Waste Of Breath / Big City / Businessmen / Peroxide / Germ / This Years War / Walls Of Silence / Joe Public / Til The Pigs Come Round / It's Gonna Get Worse / Rats / Work Experience / Evolution / Work-Rest-Play-Die / Apathy / Society / Parasites / Subvert City / Human Error / Minority / Mickey Mouse Is Dead / No / Religious Wars


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