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Released on 29/08/11. The name trips off the tongue so easily that it s
almost comfortable to forget what Loudon Wainwright III has achieved in a
career that began over 40 years ago. He is one of America’s truly great
singer-songwriters.A man known for his humour and also for his
acting ability. Quite a varied degree of talents all wrapped up in one
man. His father, Loudon Wainwright Jr., was a columnist for Life
magazine. His sister, Sloan Wainwright is also a singer, while his
children Rufus and Martha are both established singer/songwriters. Their
mother’s the late and well respected musician Kate McGarrigle.The
three albums you have here were recorded over a three-year period
between 1972 and 1975, and whilst they form the bulk of Wainwright s
rockier sounding albums they also represent a period where Wainwright
also experienced the very height of his popularity.Wainwright
appeared in three legendary episodes of the long-running US Military
comedy M*A*S*H, taking on the role of the singing surgeon Captain Calvin
Spalding, and has continued acting, appearing in such films as The
40-Year Old Virgin, Big Fish, Knocked Up and The Aviator, and his
residency as singer on Jasper Carrot s 1980 seriesCarrot Confidential
went a longway to establishing Wainwright in the UK.Still
recording, acting and entertaining to this day, Wainwright s is one of
those rare things, a talent who has endured for over four decades now
because of their cult appeal. And as these three records prove, it
wasn’t just a new generation of Wainwright performers that he s offered
to the music world!

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Album III Dead Skunk / Red Guitar / East Indian Princess /
Muse Blues / Hometeam Crowd / B Side / Needless To Say / Smokey Joe's
Café / New Paint / Trilogy (Circa 1967) / Drinking song / say That You
Love Me / Attempted Mustache - The Swimming Song / A.M. World / Bell
Bottom Pants / Liza / I Am The Way (New York Town) / Clockwork
Chartreuse / Down Drinking At The Bar / The Man Who Couldn't Cry / Come A
Long Way / Nocturnal’s Tumble Butt / Dilated To Meet You / LullabyUnrequited
Sweet Nothings / The Lowly Tourist / Kings And Queens / Kick In The
Head / Whatever happened To Us / Crime Of Passion / Absence Makes The
Heart Grow Fonder / On The Rocks (Live) / Guru (Live) / mr. Guilty
(live) / The Untitled (Live) / Unrequited To The Nth Degree (live) / Old
Friend (Live) / Rufus Is A Tit Man (live) / Bonus Tracks - Rufus Is A
Tit Man (alternate version) / Over The Hill / Hollywood Hopeful


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