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A keenly awaited re-press for this definitive Keith compilation.Peak period 1966-1967 Jerry Ross produced Orchestral and Harmony Pop with massive chart hits. The glorious package includes the two Mercury albums and singles and the booklet features a Pete Doggett essay from an interview with Ross and some very rare pics. 98.6 and Daylight Savin Time are probably the two most well known tracks but checkout other gorgeous tracks such as I Can’t Go Wrong and Ain’t Gonna Lie; you won t be disappointed!
Weight 200 kg


98.6 / Ain't Gonna Lie / To Whom It Concerns / Pretty Little Shy One / You'll Come Running / Back To Me / White Lightnin' / Tell Me To My Face / Sweet Dreams / Mind If I Hang Around / Our Love started All Over Again / The Teeny Bopper Song / I Can't Go Wrong / Sugar Man / Candy Candy / Easy As Pie / Making Every Minute Count / Hope Girl / Sweet And Sour / There 's Always Tomorrow / Daylight Savin' Time / Times Gone Bye / Happy Walking Around / Be My Girl / I'm So Proud / I'll Always Love You / Hurry / The Pleasure of Your Company


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