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All of the recordings in this set are beyond groundbreaking and historic. Everything is out of print or impossible to find and as an overview of the development of electronic and electro-acoustic music in the post-war years our edition is an invaluable document

There remains a large audience for this strand of the European avant-garde, given especially given its physical relation to modern music through Can to Beck to Stereolab to rap….

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Pierre Schaeffer / Cinq etudes de bruits (Five Studies of Noises) -Etude aux chemins de fer- Etude aux tourniquets - Etude violette -Etude noire - Pathetique / Karlheinz Stockhausen / Studie Nr. 1 - Studie Nr. 2 Gesang der Jünglinge / Iannis Xenakis - Diamorphoses - Concret PH / Edgard Varèse - Poème électronique / Pierre Henry - Voile d'Orphée (Veil of Orpheus)


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