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Using rare contemporary news footage and interviews from the BBC, British Pathé and other news services, this extraordinary series provides a unique year by year look at what made the news of yesteryear Released on DVD for the first time, with a comprehensive hour long programme on each year of the 1970s, this 3 disc – set package provides the definitive insight into the happenings of the decade.

The decade was a time of great transition for the United Kingdom, beginning with Ted Heath leading the Conservatives back in to power as Prime Minister, and ending with the rise of his nemesis Margaret Thatcher to the same role in 1979. Political and social unrest in Northern Ireland reached new levels and it was also a time of much industrial unrest and strikes culminating in the introduction of the ‘three day week’ to help save electricity, and the ‘Winter of Discontent’ in 1979.

Decimalisation changed everyday lives and was originally met with some resistance and the United Kingdom joined the European Common Market. Outside of the British Isles, the world was engulfed with crises in Vietnam, Palestine, the terrorist attack at the Munich Olympics and the Watergate scandal. The music world saw the rise of rock music, the breakup of The Beatles and the passing of Elvis Presley.

This collection also covers some of the more light-hearted events, such as the ever changing fashions, the opening of ‘Spaghetti Junction’ and the new ERNIE – the machine that chose the winning premium bonds! Relive all these events and many, many more with A Year To Remember The 1970s . Total running time – 9 hours, 46 minutes (3 disc set).

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