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Using rare news footage and interviews from the incredible British Pathé archive, this extraordinary series provides a unique look at what made the news of yesteryear.

With a comprehensive hour long programme on each year of the 1930s, this 3 disc-set provides the definitive insight into the decade leading up to World War 2.

In a world reeling from the Great Depression, the decade was dominated by record levels of unemployment and economic hardship with newsreels doing their best to maintain morale. The growing fascination with technological progress was regularly featured showcasing the rapid developments in flight and speed in particular. The exploits of Amelia Earhart and Malcolm Campbell thrilled people up and down the country. The world was shrinking too with the first telephone call between Britain and Australia and the launch of the Zeppelin airships.

Following the death of King George V, Britain was soon to be rocked by the abdication of his successor King Edward VIII over his intention to marry the twice divorced socialite Wallis Simpson. His brother George VI, the so-called ‘reluctant king’, proved an immensely popular replacement.  The decade was an era of great and lasting political change.

In Britain, Ramsey MacDonald led the first National Government, whilst in the U.S.A. Franklin D. Roosevelt came to power after vowing to end Prohibition. However, it was the rise of Adolf Hitler and his fascist regime in German politics that made the world bristle.

Despite the diplomatic efforts of Neville Chamberlain with his promise of peace in our time, war was officially declared in 1939.

Other more light hearted events of the decade are included such as the first egg-timer alarms, FredPerry winning Wimbledon, the first indoor ski slope and the introduction of an albeit rudimentary driving test! Relive all these events and many, many more with “A Year To Remember: The 1930s”

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