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The first ever release covering the entire 28- year career of Punk Legends the Anti Nowhere League.

This comprehensive 38 track 2cd set features tracks from their debut UK top 30 LP ‘We Are The League” through to the 2007 “Road to Rampton” CD.

Includes Indie chart hits ‘So What’ ‘I Hate People’ ‘Woman For You’ and ‘Out On The Wasteland’. This is the first in the new Punk Rock Anthology Series on Anagram which aims to provide the best packaged and most comprehensive career round ups of whole host of leading and influential Punk acts. No best of’s and not a load of live rubbish but proper definitive career overviews.

Weight 200 kg


1. We're The League
2. So What
3. I Hate People
4. Lets Break The Law
5. We Will Not Remember You
6. World War III
7. Woman
8. Animal
9. For You
10. Out On The Wasteland
11. We Will Survive
12. Queen and Country
13. On The Waterfront
14. Johannesburg
15. Branded
16. Noddy
17. Loser
18. Out Of Control
19. Going Down
CD 2
1. Let The Country Feed You
2. Pig Iron
3. Fucked Up and Wasted
4. Scum
5. Long Live Punk
6. Get Ready
7. There Is No God
8. Pump Actions
9. Dead Heroes
10. The Punk Prayer
11. Degeneration
12. The End of The Day
13. Unwanted
14. Medication
15. My Gods Bigger Than Your God
16. Rampton
17. Snowman
18. Can't Stand Rock 'n' Roll
19. Streets of London


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