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For the first time ever – the complete collection to date – ‘every single single’! Twenty four of Conflict’s finest, taken from the ten singles they have released to date delivered by the likes of Steve Ignorant from Crass and other Conflict members throughout the years. Digitally remastered in 2006 from original source material and presented in a deluxe digipack containing full lyric and information booklet, unreleased photographs and newsletter from Colin Jerwood made in October 2006. Enough said.

Weight 200 kg


Carlo Giuliani / A Gaping Whole / Now You've Put Your Foot In It / From St Paul's to Seattle / These Colours Don't Run / Climbing the Stairs / Custom Rock / Statement / The Final Conflict / The War of Words / Mighty and Superior / To Whom It May Concern / This Is Not Enough / Neither is This / The Serenade is Dead / The Positive Junk / The System Maintains / Whichever Way You Want It / Meat Means Murder / Berkshire Cunt / Conflict / I've Had Enough / Wargames / Blind Attack


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