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The long overdue reissue of A Flock Of Seagulls’ self titled and debut album from 1982. This 15 track CD, features the 11 original tracks of the album plus 4 bonus tracks. This CD is much sought after, changing hands for very high prices on the second hand market.

This is our third reissue featuring the original studio albums of A Flock Of Seagulls. All the albums have sold well to the sizeable following the band still enjoys. The album was originally released in 1982 and peaked at number 32 in the UK album charts. The album contains four timeless singles: Telecommunication, Modern Love Is Automatic, I Ran and Space Age Love Song.

Four bonus tracks are included on this CD, the ‘I Ran’ b/side Pick Me Up, the ‘Space Age Love Song’ b/side Windows, the ‘Telecommunication’ b/sides Tanglimara and Intro.

Weight 200 kg


1. Modern Love Is Automatic

2. Messages

3. I Ran

4. Space Age Love Song

5. You Can Run

6. Telecommunication

7. Standing In The Doorway

8. Don T Ask Me

9. D.N.A.

10. Tokyo

11. Man Made

12. Pick Me Up

13. Windows

14. Tanglimara

15. Intro


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