Tammy Wynette: You And Me / Let's Get Together

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Tammy Wynette, known as the “First Lady of Country Music”, was one of the music’s truly iconic figures. This much beloved entertainer who, during a twenty-seven year recording career saw the release of 42 studio albums and charted 73 singles.

“You And Me”, with its title track scoring a two week run at the top of the Billboard Country charts in October 1976, headed up an album featuring a diverse range of material. Willie Nelson’s ‘Little Things’ is a catch-up ‘phone conversation between a separated couple, ‘Jesus Send A Song’ equates religion with the Nashville music scene surroundings, and southern emotions live on with ‘Dixieland (You Will Never Die)’.

“Let’s Get Together” from 1977 was well- acclaimed, not least of all because several songs came close to her recordings of a few years earlier, her inimitable “sob-in-the-voice” letting the listener know about holding your man, losing your man and what to do afterwards. Among the songwriters who contributed to the collection are the Statler Brothers Don and Harold Reid (‘You Could Be Coming To Me’) and Rafe Van Hoy (‘Cheatin’ Is’) while Tammy shared credit with George Richey on ‘Loving You, I Do’. Read More