Heatwave: Too Hot To Handle, Expanded Edition

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Big Break Records
· The smoothest of seventies R&B outfits, HEATWAVE crossed many borders, laying claim to huge hits like Boogie Nights, The Groove Line, Gangsters Of The Groove and Always And Forever, which had a great impact on both sides of the Atlantic. The members of Heatwave hailed from all over the globe making this group a truly international act which contributed to their unique and influential sound.

· With every tracked penned by keyboardist Rod "Thriller” Temperton TOO HOT TO HANDLE (R&B #7/Pop #12) was Heatwave's debut LP released in 1976 on GTO Records and heralded a run of commercial and critical success into the 80's on four more outstanding LP's which you will also find remastered and expanded in the BBR catalogue. Read More