Ken Hensley: Tales Of Live Fire & Other Mysteries, 5CD Boxset

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Although it’s fair to say that Ken Hensley, as a musician, a songwriter and artist, is probably best known for the decade he spent in Uriah Heep, from 1970’s “Very ’Eavy… Very ’Umble” through to 1980’s “Conquest”, as the band’s keyboard and organist, guitarist, and often their principle songwriter, Ken has forged a varied and exciting musical career over the past 50+ years. From stints with bands as wide-ranging as southern boogie merchants Blackfoot, to shock rockers WASP, it’s as a solo artist, and with the band Ken Hensley & Live Fire, that Ken has secured his enduring legacy. Following on from last year’s “The Bronze Years 1973-1981” collection comes “Tales Of Live Fire & Other Mysteries”, a 5CD set that revisits two prolific years for Ken, with albums released in 2012 and 2013. Read More