Erik Satie: Old Sequins And Ancient Breastplates Historical Recordings 1926-1961, 4CD Box Set

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• A four disc Box set collection of historic Satie recordings, ranging from the 1920’s onwards.

• Including such rarities as Henri Sauguet’s ‘Socrate’ for solo voice and orchestra; piano sets by William Masselos and Aldo Ciccolini that have been out of print for decades; Serge Koussevitzky's vintage recordings of the ‘Gymnopédies’, (arranged for orchestra by Claude Debussy), and Francis Poulenc and Georges Auric's two pianos and four hands arrangement of ‘Parade’, the Diaghilev-Picasso-Cocteau ballet which created a scandal in Paris and for the first time forced upon Satie the glare of publicity.
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