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WAYSTED | Won’t Get Out Alive, Waysted Volume One (1983-1986) 4CD available for pre order today!

WAYSTED | Won’t Get Out Alive, Waysted Volume One (1983-1986) 4CD available for pre order today!

WAYSTED | Won’t Get Out Alive, Waysted Volume One (1983-1986) 4CD Box Set

  • Three studio albums, one live and mini-album from the early 80s.
  • For Fans of UFO.

When Pete Way passed away in August 2020, the music world lost a true legend, a much- loved musician and influential songwriter, inspiring many hard rock and metal bands, from Iron Maiden to Metallica.

Pete Way first came to prominence as the bass guitarist in UFO. Through various highs and lows, from forming in 1968, through the peak years of the 1970s and into the early 1980s, Pete eventually quit UFO in 1982, forming Waysted in 1983. Teaming up with singer Fin Muir, Waysted was completed by Ronnie Kayfield on lead guitar, Frank Noon on drums and Pete’s former UFO band-mate, Paul Raymond, on rhythm guitar and keyboards. Waysted’s well received debut for Chrysalis Records, the self-explanatory ‘Vices’ (CD1) kicks off with the stage favourite and the band’s calling card, ‘Love Loaded’, followed by ‘Women In Chains’ and ‘Sleazy’. That debut here is expanded with six alternative versions.

‘Vices’ was followed by a mini-album, the self-titled ‘Waysted’ (CD2) in 1984, featuring ‘Won’t Get Out Alive’ and ‘The Price You Pay’. While on tour in 1984 supporting the mini- album, the band were captured on stage in Cardiff on ‘You Won’t Get Out Alive’ (CD2). With a set that includes covers of UFO’s ‘Only You Can Rock Me’ and ‘Too Hot To Handle’, as well as songs from their first two releases, Waysted now featured three former members of UFO, with Paul “Tonka” Chapman on lead guitar, and Andy Parker on drums.

It was the trio of Paul Chapman, Pete Way and Fin, joined by Humble Pie’s Jerry Shirley on drums, that recorded ‘The Good Bad And The Waysted’ (CD3) in 1985. As well as ‘Hang ’Em High’ and ‘Manuel’, the album features the original version of ‘Heaven Tonight’.

Sealing a new deal with EMI’s Parlophone Records, Waysted released ‘Save Your Prayers’ (CD4) in 1986. With Way and Chapman now joined by Danny Vaughn on vocals and John Ditedoro on drums, they re-recorded ‘Heaven Tonight’ for single release. Waysted initially called it a day following the release ‘Save Your Prayers’, but the next chapter in the Waysted story is captured on the HNE Recordings release ‘Heroes Die Young: Waysted Volume Two 2000-2007’ (HNEBOX173).

Vices (1983)
1 Love Loaded
2 Women In Chains
3 Sleazy
4 Night Of the Wolf
5 Toy With the Passion
6 Right From the Start
7 Hot Love
8 All Belongs to You
9 Somebody To Love
Bonus Tracks
10 Love Loaded
11 Sleazy
12 Night Of the Wolf
13 Right From the Start
14 All Belongs to You
15 Somebody To Love
Waysted (1984)
1 Won’t Get Out Alive
2 The Price You Pay
3 Rock Steady
4 Hurt So Good
5 Cinderella Boys
You Won’t Get Out Alive (1984)
6 You Won’t Get Out Alive
7 Rock Steady
8 Love Loaded
9 Only You Can Rock Me
10 The Price You Pay
11 Toy With the Passion
12 Too Hot to Handle
The Good Bad and The Waysted (1985)
1 Hang ’Em High
2 Hi Ho My Baby
3 Heaven Tonight
4 Manuel
5 Dead On Your Legs
6 Rolling Out The Dice
7 Land That’s Lost The Love
8 Crazy ‘Bout The Stuff
9 Around And Around
Save Your Prayers (1986)
1 Walls Fall Down
2 Black & Blue
3 Singing To The Night
4 Hell Comes Home
5 Heroes Die Young
6 Heaven Tonight
7 How The West Was Won
8 Wild Night
9 Out Of Control
10 So Long
Bonus Tracks
11 Fire Under the Wheels
12 Black & Blue (7’’ Edit)
13 Heaven Tonight (7” Edit)