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OBSERVER MASTER MIX | 4CD Various Artists collection coming in August…

OBSERVER MASTER MIX | 4CD Various Artists collection coming in August…

OBSERVER MASTER MIX | 4CD Various Artists collection coming in August…   

  • Most recordings not officially available for 5 decades.
  • Includes some of the giants of Jamaican music.
  • Features many of the biggest reggae hits of the late 70s.

After first being introduced in the early 70s, the 12” single had become the format of choice for many of Jamaica’s leading producers by the decade’s close, with few Kingston-based music makers more attracted to its range and flexibility than Winston Holness AKA Niney the Observer.

Between 1977 and 1978, Niney released a series of ‘disco-mix’ singles in both Jamaica and the UK, with a number of these coming housed in eye-catching ‘Observer Master Mix’-branded picture sleeves. Popular among DJs and record buyers on both sides of the Atlantic, the singles showcased the work of some of reggae leading artists, whose number included such Jamaican music luminaries as Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown, Horace Andy, Junior Byles and Freddie McGregor.

Yet despite the widespread popularity of these extended mixes, most have remained officially unavailable on any format since their original issue almost half a century ago. Now at long last, the best of these recordings can finally be enjoyed once more without the need to pay a small fortune for the privilege, with this anthology comprising a veritable feast of superior roots, dub and DJ sounds. While the tracks range from major hits to painfully rare obscurities, the quality of the material remains of the highest order throughout, culminating in a truly essential collection for all those appreciative of late 70s reggae sounds.


1  Rock On / Saturday Night - Gregory Isaacs & Christine

2  Rocking Chair / National Front Rockers - Delroy Wilson & Dillinger

3  Sufferation - Tyrone Taylor

4  Jah I / Observer Style - The Jewels

5  Stop In The Name Of Love / Stop In The Name Of The Lord – Delroy Wilson & Dillinger

6  Ja Is My Light / Wicked East Dirt - Leroy Smart & I Roy

7  Tenement Yard / Kill Landlord - Dennis Brown & Ranking Buckers

8  Them Never Tell I / Lie Teacher Gal - Horace Andy & Ranking Buckers

9  Cry Cry - Junior Delgado

10  Black Is The Highest Culture - The Jewels

11  Do Good / Judge Not Observer Style - Freddie McGregor

12  Blessed Are The Men / The Pill - Dennis Brown


1  Rock On / Murder Observer Style - Gregory Isaacs

2  My Heart is Clean - Gate Number - Cornel Campbell & Dillinger

3  Run Come Rally / Rastaman Rally - Freddie McGregor

4  Run Run - Junior Byles

5  One Little Lick aka Mr. Bigman - The Jewels

6  Zimbabwe - The Soul Syndicate

7  Whole Lot A Fire / Blowing Fire - Big Youth & The I Frequent

8  Can You Feel It - Junior Byles

9  Jamaican Girl / First Cut And Version - I Roy

10  Move On - The Heptones

11  Rasta Clean / Zig Zag - Niney

12  Crystal Blue Persuasion - The Heptones


1  Through The Fire I Come - The Heptones

2  Rasta Have Faith– Freddie McGregor & The Observers

3  Here I Come Again / Flat Foot Husting - Dennis Brown & Dillinger

4  Loosing You - The Heptones

5  Mr Knows It All - Gregory Isaacs

6  Jah Jah Higher Than I - The Rockstones as Mr Stone

7  Mount Zion (vinyl dub) - The Heptones

8  Blood and Fire - Niney The Observer

9  War Of The Stars - Ossie & The Revolutionaries

10  Every Day Life - The Heptones

11  Oh No Not My Baby - Freddie McGregor

12  Confusion In A Babylon / Mutiny - Niney & The Heptones

13  Book Of Rules - The Heptones


1  Guess Who's Coming to Dinner - Michael Rose

2  Africa - Dennis Brown

3  Bring The Couchie Come - The Reggae Crusaders

4  Clap The Barber / Run Baldhead Dub - Michael Rose & The Observer All Stars

5  Materialist / Poor Man Style - Horace Andy

6  Paymaster / Captives - Gregory Isaacs & Ranking Buckner

7  Psalms 68 / Dub 68 – Horace Andy & The Observer All Stars

8  Wolf & Leopard / No Conscience - Dennis Brown & The Soul Syndicate

9  Weeping / Water Rate - Junior Byles & I Roy

10  Mix Up – Niney & The Morwells

11  Jah Fire – Niney

12  Trodding Along – Reggae George

13  Jah Guide- Naggo Morris