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HAROLD BUTLER | Gold Connection 2CD Coming Soon...

HAROLD BUTLER | Gold Connection 2CD Coming Soon...

HAROLD BUTLER | Gold Connection 2CD Coming Soon...

•    Almost every track new to CD.

•    Includes best-selling albums from the mid-70s.

•    Features numerous major Jamaican hits.

Few Jamaican music makers have demonstrated greater versatility or proficiency than Lloyd Charmers, who first made his name on the Jamaican music scene as a youthful singer- songwriter in the early 60s, performing as half of the popular duo, The Charmers.

Subsequent solo works along with a spell with The Uniques vocal trio ultimately led on to a move into record production.

Over the years that immediately followed, his output as both a performer and producer included multiple major reggae hits, most notably Ken Boothe’s chart-topping version of ‘Everything I Own’, the success of which confirmed Charmer’s position as one of the Jamaica’s finest talents. Soon after this international best-seller, he produced works by a number of other leading Jamaican-based acts, their number including keyboard maestro Harold Butler, popular singer Dobby Dobson and the multi-talented Richard Ace - and it is these three supremely gifted artists whose work primarily comprises this collection.

CD1 opens with Butler’s widely sought-after ‘Gold Connection’ album, an instrumental collection from 1976 featuring nine superior reggae and soul instrumental sides, including popular versions of ‘That’s The Way I Like It’ and the title track. The remainder of the disc collects the remainder of Charmers’s productions from the period, which features major hits and rarities performed by a variety of gifted artists, with all recordings pre-dating his permanent relocation to the UK around the close of that same year.

The second disc presents Dobby Dobson’s oft-overlooked tribute to the pre-ska era, ‘Sweet Dream’ on which the singer skilfully updates a number of songs first made popular in Jamaica in the late 50s and early 60s. The bonus material includes Dobson’s popular updates of a further two oldies but goodies, along with tracks from a previously unissued album project aimed at showcasing the considerable vocal and keyboard talents of Richard Ace.

The standard of the performances and productions on this compilation is second to none, and with almost all the recordings previously unavailable on CD, it is an essential acquisition for both completists and all those who prefer their reggae with a little bit of soul.




1  Darling I Like It – The Harold Butler Connection

2  I Love Music – The Harold Butler Connection

3  Latin Hustle Reggae – The Harold Butler Connection

4  Do It Anyday – The Harold Butler Connection

5  Gold Connection (Disco Version) – The Harold Butler Connection

6  That’s The Way I Like It – The Harold Butler Connection

7  Love's Theme – The Harold Butler Connection

8  Ire Rocker – The Harold Butler Connection

9  Fly Robin Reggae – The Harold Butler Connection

10  Skin Tight (instrumental) –C.H.A.R.M.

11  Supernatural (7” mix) - Richard Ace

12  Just A Dream (7” mix) - Dobby Dobson

13  L. Sucks – Lloyd Charmers

14  My Last Date - Sister Stern

15  Gathering – The Africans

16  Sing La La – Lloyd Charmers

17  Julie (I Love Truly) - Richard Ace

18  Sweeter Than Honey (7” mix) - Dobby Dobson

19  Devoted To You – Sister Stern

20  Stand Up And Be Counted – Richard Ace

21  Imagination (7” mix) – Delroy Wilson

22  Tootsie Wootsie Lollipop (La La La) – Lloyd Charmers



1  Whispering Bells – Dobby Dobson

2  You’re Mine, All Mine – Dobby Dobson

3  Oh Gee – Dobby Dobson

4  Little Star – Dobby Dobson

5  Win Your Love For Me – Dobby Dobson

6  Sweet Dreams – Dobby Dobson

7  Muriel – Dobby Dobson

8  Cherie – Dobby Dobson

9  Don’t Believe Him, Donna – Dobby Dobson

10  This Is My Story – Dobby Dobson

11  The Great Pretender – Dobby Dobson

12  Just A Dream (12” mix) - Dobby Dobson

13  Sweeter Than Honey (12” mix) - Dobby Dobson

14  Stay (12” mix) – Lloyd Charmers

15  Wish You Were Mine – Richard Ace

16  Supernatural (12” mix) - Richard Ace

17  Stale Mate – Richard Ace

18  You’ll Always Be On My Mind – Richard Ace & Lloyd Charmers

19  Love Can Make You Happy – Richard Ace

20  Stay (instrumental) – Richard Ace