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Dadawah | Peace And Love, 2CD Edition coming soon!

Dadawah | Peace And Love, 2CD Edition coming soon!

Dadawah | Peace And Love, 2CD Edition coming soon!

  • 19 tracks new to CD
  • One of the most acclaimed albums in Jamaican music history.
  • Features rare dub cuts of some of the biggest reggae hits of the mid-70s.

Most readily identified for his superior soulful reggae works, Lloyd Charmers was in fact one of Jamaica’s most bold and resourceful record producers, never averse to taking on new challenges and testing his musical talent to the limit.

The most apparent evidence of his innovative and imaginative approach to music-making is ‘Peace And Love’, an album comprising four Rasta flavoured extended mixes that beautifully mix the nyabinghi drumming and chanting of The Sons of Negus’ legend, Ras Michael with the sophisticated yet sympathetic musicianship of some of Jamaica’s most accomplished session-players, led by Charmers himself and guitar maestro, Willie Lindo.

Originally released in both Jamaica and the UK in 1974, this sublime, mesmeric and at times semi-psychedelic collection is today widely regarded as one of the most significant and accomplished albums to see issue during reggae’s golden age.

Its long overdue re-issue on CD here is further enhanced by a second disc that collects the best of Lloyd Charmers’s dub output from the mid-70s, with the selection including mixes of some of the biggest reggae hits of the period, notably ‘Fire Burning’, ‘You Make Me Feel Brand New’, ‘I’m Still Waiting’, ‘Let Go’ and ‘Walk Away From Love’. Includes 19 tracks new to CD!


1 Run Come Rally
2 Seventy-Two Nations
3 Zion Land
4 Know How You Stand

1 Burning Drums
2 Mother Mary
3 Brand New Version *
4 Question Sign *
5 Now You Can See Me Again (instr.) *
6 I’m A Changed Man instr. *

7 Let Go instrumental *
8 Gathering Version *
9 I’m Falling In Love With You Dub *
10 Long Dub *
11 Honey Version *
12 After Midnight*
13 Dub Waiting *
14 Dub Slave *
15 Dub Don’t Cry *
16 Roots Of Africa *
17 My Rhythm *
18 Just A Drea (Version) *
19 Love For Dub *
20 Imagination Version *
21 Devoted Skank *
* new to CD