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BARRY RYAN | THE ALBUMS 1969-1979, 5CD BOX SET Out In May!

BARRY RYAN | THE ALBUMS 1969-1979, 5CD BOX SET Out In May!

BARRY RYAN | THE ALBUMS 1969-1979, 5CD BOX SET Out In May!

  • The first ever career covering round up of one of the UK’s most under-rated vocalists.
  • 95-track 5CD clamshell box set containing Barry’s five studio albums for Polydor Records, a disc of non LP recordings released by Polydor plus a discs of late 70s tracks for other labels including nine previously unreleased cuts.
  • Well over half the featured tracks are appearing here on CD for the first time.

‘Eloise’ hit No.1 across the globe, including the Top spot in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, France, Italy, Holland, Norway, Spain and Germany plus the Top 5 in most other record buying territories.

Germany remained a major market for Barry and he chalked up hits with the likes of ‘Love Is Love’ (No.4), ‘The Hunt’ (No.22), ‘Colour Of My Love’ (No.23), ‘Magical Spiel’ (No.22), ‘Kitsch’ (No.10) and ‘Sanctus, Sanctus Hallelujah’ (No.42), all of which are featured in this collection.

Released with the full support of his Estate, the release has been overseen by St. Etienne’s Bob Stanley, a long time fan, who has provided in-depth liner notes.



1  Theme To Eutopia

2  Why Do You Cry My Love

3  The Colour Of My Love

4  Crazy Days

5  Eloise

6  My Mama

7  I Will Bring You Love

8  Love Is On The Way

9  What’s That Sleeping In My Bed

10  You Don’t Know What You’re Doing

11  Kristan Astra Bella


12  The Hunt

13  Sunday Theme

14  Swallow Fly Away

15  Sunrise In The Morning

16  Isn’t That Wild

17  Man Alive

18  Makin’ Eyes

19  No Living Without Her Love

20  Sea Of Tranquility

21  I See You

22  Feeling Unwell

23  Where Have You Been



1  It’s A Wild World

2  In The Shelter Of My Heart

3  Stop The Wedding

4  What Is Wrong With My Woman

5  Llania

6  Follow Me

7  We Did It Together

8  Better Use Your Head

9  Who Put The Lights Out

10  Song Of Love

11  I Like The Way

12  Kitsch


13  Red Man

14  All Thoughts Of Time

15  Oh, What Is Wrong With My World

16  Easy As You Go

17  Nobody Was Saved

18  Today

19  Show Me The Way

20  Dance To The Rhythm Of The Band

21  Moonshine Girl

22  I’ve Been Around

23  Ode To A Roadie

24  It Is Written



1  Sanctus, Sanctus Hallelujah

2  Life’s So Easy

3  Storm Is Brewing

4  When I Was A Child

5  Loneliest Night Of The Year

6  Can’t Let You Go

7  L.A. Woman

8  Rhode Island Red

9  I Think You Know My Name

10  Alimony Honey Blues

11  Slow Down

12  From My Head To My Toe


RARITIES 1968-72

1  Goodbye

2  I’m So Sad

3  Love I Almost Found You

4  Eloise (Italian Version)

5  Love Is Love

6  I’ll Be On My Way Dear

7  Look To The Right, Look To The Left

8  Oh For The Love Of Me

9  Magical Spiel

10  Caroline

11  Give Me A Sign

12  Lay Down

13  Annabelle

14  Vielleicht Schon Morgen… (Magie)

15  Zeit Macht Nur Vor Dem Tuefel Halt

16  Bye And Bye

17  I’m Sorry Susan

18  Sanctus, Sanctus Halleluja (German Version)

19  Come Home


RARITIES 1975-79


1  Do That

2  The Summers Over

3  Judy

4  Best Years Of My Love

5  Where Were You

6  Making Do

7  Brother

8  Life’s So Easy


9  Give It All

10  There’s No Way

11  Will You Worry

12  Do It Now

13  I Taught You All You Know

14  Europe On A Dollar

15  Don’t Tell Me Tonight Is Here

16  Love Gone Bad

17  The Force Is With You