Atlantic Starr: Always - The Warner-Reprise Recordings (1987-1991), 3CD

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Soul Music Records
SoulMusic Records is proud to present a 3-CD deluxe box set consisting of the two albums the group cut for Warner Brothers, 1987’s ALL IN THE NAME OF LOVE, the 1989 set WE’RE MOVIN’ ON and LOVE CRAZY, a third LP recorded for the Warners’ imprint, Reprise Records in 1991, all with primary production by David & Wayne Lewis, and co-production by Jonathan Lewis. Extensive liner notes from renowned UK-based writer Charles Waring include new quotes from Jonathan Lewis and Rachel Oliver-Cobbin (the female lead vocalist for the Reprise album), stellar mastering from Nick Robbins and great artwork from Roger Williams make this reissue (produced by founder David Nathan) a ‘must have’ for Atlantic Starr’s global audience. Read More
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