Instant Wigwam And Igloo Mixture - Go-Kart Mozart

Instant Wigwam And Igloo Mixture
This is the long awaited new solo album by Lawrence who was originally in Felt and Denim. Lawrence's new band is called Go-Kart Mozart. This brilliant 17 track album shows off Lawrence's excellent and humourous songwriting skills and among the targets for Lawrence's wit is the Bull Ring Shopping Centre in Birmingham, Wendy James and the Queen Mum.
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Mandrax And Minx Cats / We're Selfish And Lazy And Greedy / Sailor Boy / City Synthesis / Drinkin' Um Bongo / Mrs Back To Front And The Bull Ring Thing / Hip/Op / Wendy James / Plug In The City / Depleted Soul / She Tore It Up And Walked Away / Today / Fluff On The Mallow / England And Wales / Blah Blop De Blooh / Wear Your Foghat With Pride / I'm Dope
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Back In Denim
Denim was the brainchild of Lawrence who had spent the previous decade as the singer, songwriter and mastermind behind that ultimate independent rock band, Felt. Having achieved his goal of releasing 10 albums and 10 singles in 10 years during the course of the 80s, Lawrence disbanded Felt and relocated to New York. It was there that Lawrence translated his homesick thoughts from abroad into the series of songs that made up 'Back In Denim'. Over in New York he wrote as he reminisced about his West Midlands childhood, flares, chopper bikes, tower blocks, stringy beards, hippies, skinheads and the IRA's pub bombings in Birmingham. He set this to a musical backdrop of Mickey Most and Mike Leander productions, Lee Perry and the Glitter Band. Back In Denim was recorded and mixed across a two year period on Lawrence's return to London.

It was finally completed in July 1992 and, for the first time in his career, Lawrence found himself signed to a major label via Boys Own, a dance label operating through London Records. The album was produced by John Leckie although completed by Lawrence with Brian O'Shaughnessy Leckie having allegedly been driven to complete distraction by Lawrence who he described as madder and more impossible than anyone he'd worked with including Spector, Lennon and Syd Barrett! Back In Denim kick starts with the pounding Glitter beat of ‘Back In Denim'. The Glitter Band's drummer Pete Phipps is featured on the record. The album maintains a powerful mix of Glam and pop hooks and references throughout with one foot in the 70s past and the other very firmly in the technology of the 90s. As such,

‘Back In Denim' was an undoubted pre-cursor to Britpop, Blur and Pulp, in particular. As ever, throughout his career Lawrence was ahead but out of step with popular taste. 'Back In Denim' was no mere exercise in nostalgia or Glam ‘n' Glitter revival and, as Lawrence firmly attests today, it is a protest album though not without a real sense of biting humour coming through tracks such as ‘The Osmonds' and ‘I'm Against the eighties'.

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Tearing Up The Album Charts
Go Kart Mozart represents just one of the creative outlets for Lawrence who spent the full decade of the ‘80s fronting the wide ranging, atmospheric guitar pop of Felt. In the ‘90s Lawrence made a somewhat iconoclastic move in forming Denim who have released three lps to date but their classic manifesto was outlined in 1992's ‘Back In Denim' recently featured as Mojo magazine's Buried Treasure and described as 'full of glam and pop hooks machined to perfection with the best in 1990‘s recording science'.

Denim's third album was called ‘Novelty Rock' which provided the jumping off point for a new project called Go Kart Mozart. Taking the concept of novelty pop, serious artistry and childish fun to new heights, Lawrence released Go Kart's debut ‘Instant Wigwam And Igloo Mixture' for his own West Midlands Label in the year 2000.

Now, at last comes the second Go Kart Mozart release, ‘Tearing Up The Album Chart', again released for West Midlands Records through Cherry Red. Where ‘Instant Wigwam' used synth-pop and novelty, both whimsically and seriously - ‘Hip-op' was about the Queen Mums hip operation while ‘Um Bongo' commented on genocide in Rwanda - ‘Tearing Up The Album Charts' is no less ironic but adopts a more overt serious tone combined with Lawrence's trade mark sadness and poignancy.

There's something beyond nostalgia about the track ‘Listening To Marmalade' - the group that is, not the sticky preservative, while ‘Fuzzy Duck' is, by and large, a charming litany of ‘60s and ‘70s obscure band names taking in Bacon Fat, Plastic Penny and Ultimate Spinach.

Lawrence is one of the most extraordinary talents to emerge from the ‘70s punk movement. He's made countless classic, sometimes perplexing records but has been dogged by ill luck and unfortunate timing that has seen admirers and luminaries such as Belle And Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch and Pulp's Jarvis Cocker become hugely successful with blueprints created by Lawrence while Lawrence seems destined to be the ultimate cult star.

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On The Hot Dog Streets CD Edition
Here it is at last… The long awaited third album from Go-Kart Mozart. The band formed by Lawrence (ex Felt & Denim).

West Midlands are proud to announce that Go-Kart Mozart are "On The Hot Dog Streets”: A double-album for your delectation and contains all the trademarks of an innovative release. It will be issued on CD, LP and digital formats.

As well as an extensive mail-out from the Cherry Red office to all the main music magazines and broadsheets, the new album will be actively promoted by our estimable radio plugger.

Remember – get dirt on your needle with West Midland Records…

Advertisements for my band – "Go-Kart Mozart have offered us their contempt. The entire album is a rag bag of contemptuous attitudes. Contempt for art – contempt for sex – contempt for their country and most especially contempt for the audience that might be listening. All this, it must be said, is not perceived through a tin ear or a dim mind, but through a widescreen composition of what ails us most, while we are lost in our fallacies displaying an acute distaste, we are forced to finally see our own reflection and scream back at it in abject terror…”


"On The Hot Dog Streets features Lawrence’s dour humour and melodic skills on 17 songs of such perfect wit and economy, you wish there were 17 more”
– Will Hodgkinson, The Times, 22/6/2012

"Whatever you make of it, you’d have a hard time arguing On The Hot Dog Streets is anything other than unique: the sound of a man pursuing a singular uncompromising artistic vision, as he has been doing for the last 30 years. You might call it inspirational after all.”
4 Stars – Alexis Petridis, The Guardian, 22/6/2012

"Lawrence Hayward, former leader of Felt and Denim, is one of underground pop’s true eccentrics.”
4/5 - The Independent on Sunday, 24/6/2012

"Lawrence’s pop vision extends to sleeve notes featuring a reading list and even a lonely-hearts ad. It all makes this a perfect album.”
5/5 – Will Hodkinson, The Times Saturday Review, 23/6/2012

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