The Hook Will Grab You / Hooked - Hook (The)

The Hook Will Grab You / Hooked
The Hook evolved out of legendary Los Angeles' folk rockers The Leaves, and burst upon the 1967 music scene with a bombastic power trio sound that made Blue Cheer sound like wimps!
The Hook appeared in the iconic TV cop show, Ironside, in the episode A Trip to Hashbury, performing the mind-bending acid-rock anthems ‘Son of Fantasy’ and ‘Plug Your Head In’, both of which feature on this collection.

Signed to the hip UNI label, they released two albums of heavy psychedelic blues rock,  similar to that of Cream and Jimi Hendrix. The addition of keyboards made their second album reminiscent of The Doors and Iron Butterfly.

For the first time, both Hook albums from 1968/1969 are married on one CD, complete with a detailed history featuring quotes by band members, illustrated with a multitude of rare photographs and posters. Prepare to get hooked by The Hook!
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The Hook Will Grab You - Homes / Lookin’ For You / You Know I Do / Turn Your Head / Son Of Fantasy/  Dr. B and His Friends / Plug Your Head In / Everything’s /  Groovy / Garbage Man / Dimples / Hooked : Go / You’re Lookin’ Fine / There’s Magic In The Air / Son Of Fantasy ii / Hook Can Cook / Love Theme In E Major / A Beautiful Tomorrow / You Need People / All Around The World / You Don’t Have To Stay / Bonus Tracks : In The Beginnin / Show You The Way
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Strange Night Voyage
First time on CD for this magical psychedelic concept album based on J.M Barrie’s timeless Peter Pan story. Merchants Of Dream was produced by the legendary George "Shadow" Morton."The fourteen tracks encompass tales of everything from pirates and crocodiles to the joys of eternal childhood,. Strange Night Voyage was the only release by this enigmatic six piece combo hailing from the East Coast.The complete album from the master tapes for the first time on CD with copious liner notes and a plethora of rare photographs. Our Price: £9.95

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This is the first CD reissue for Hardwater’s highly-rated psychedelic rock album, produced by the legendary David Axelrod (Electric Prunes et al).The LA-based band recorded their sole album for Capitol back in 1968. Hardwater had evolved out of Denver Colorado's premier surf band the Astronauts.Combining elements of psychedelia and ountry rock, they explore the same dusty roads as The Byrds and the Buffalo Springfield. Alongside their original compositions, they seamlessly fitted in interpretations of three tracks written by John Carter and Tim Gilbert of fellow Denver band the Rainy Daze.The complete album from the master tapes for the first time on CD with copious liner notes and a plethora of rare photographs.

Our Price: £9.95

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Life Is But A Dream
Tune In is proud to present, for the first time on CD, this achingly beautiful orchestrated 1968 pop psych odyssey from Los Angeles. Wichita Fall's Life Is But A Dream takes the listener on a magical musical journey of 13 compositions, grouped into four suites, all lovingly arranged by renowned conductor Artie Butler.

Taken from the original Liberty Records masters, this release also includes both sides of their final 45, along with the complete inside story behind the album in the liner notes with quotations from group members and rare photographs. This is a must hear for all fans of sunshine Psychedelia and orchestrated pop
Our Price: £9.95

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The Clown Died In Marvin Gardens
Released on 08/02/10. The Beacon Street Union were a highly acclaimed Boston band who recorded two long-out-of-print albums for MGM. They were part of what became labelled the Boss Town Sound along with bands like Ultimate Spinach and Orpheus. This is their highly collectable second album which has long been regarded as a classic of the genre.

The Clown Died In Marvin Gardens was issued in late 1968, promoted by a single release of their cover of the rock ‘n' roll classic Blue Suede Shoes .

The Beacon Street Union's diverse, dynamic sound was influenced by such bands as The Yardbirds and The Remains. Sleeve-notes by TUNE IN co-founder Gray Newell include fresh quotes from various original band members.

Our Price: £9.95

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Skipping Through The Night
Released on 17/05/10. TUNE IN is a new Cherry Red label devoted to the U.S. Psychedelic scene of the late Sixties. NGC 4594 was an obscure quintet who issued just one single, Skipping Through The Night on Smash Records in 1968. The band were formed in 1966, named after the catalogue number of the Sombrero Galaxy, thought to be the location of the nearest black hole to Earth! Alongside their sole 45, this CD for the very first time offers a dozen recordings from a lost album the band made during 1967/68 . NGC 4594 formed in Storrs, Connecticut, but swiftly relocated to NYC before eventually disbanding in late 1968. Our Price: £9.95

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