Skipping Through The Night - NGC 4594

Skipping Through The Night
Released on 17/05/10. TUNE IN is a new Cherry Red label devoted to the U.S. Psychedelic scene of the late Sixties. NGC 4594 was an obscure quintet who issued just one single, Skipping Through The Night on Smash Records in 1968. The band were formed in 1966, named after the catalogue number of the Sombrero Galaxy, thought to be the location of the nearest black hole to Earth! Alongside their sole 45, this CD for the very first time offers a dozen recordings from a lost album the band made during 1967/68 . NGC 4594 formed in Storrs, Connecticut, but swiftly relocated to NYC before eventually disbanding in late 1968.
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Colors / Negative Zone / Take Off Your Feet / Imagination Dead Imagine / Blooming / Out To Play / Forever Gone / Sea Ballad / It's Called Love / Where Are You Coming From? / Nova Express / So Bright / Going Home / Skipping Through The Night
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This is the first CD reissue for Hardwater’s highly-rated psychedelic rock album, produced by the legendary David Axelrod (Electric Prunes et al).The LA-based band recorded their sole album for Capitol back in 1968. Hardwater had evolved out of Denver Colorado's premier surf band the Astronauts.Combining elements of psychedelia and ountry rock, they explore the same dusty roads as The Byrds and the Buffalo Springfield. Alongside their original compositions, they seamlessly fitted in interpretations of three tracks written by John Carter and Tim Gilbert of fellow Denver band the Rainy Daze.The complete album from the master tapes for the first time on CD with copious liner notes and a plethora of rare photographs.

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Life Is But A Dream
Tune In is proud to present, for the first time on CD, this achingly beautiful orchestrated 1968 pop psych odyssey from Los Angeles. Wichita Fall's Life Is But A Dream takes the listener on a magical musical journey of 13 compositions, grouped into four suites, all lovingly arranged by renowned conductor Artie Butler.

Taken from the original Liberty Records masters, this release also includes both sides of their final 45, along with the complete inside story behind the album in the liner notes with quotations from group members and rare photographs. This is a must hear for all fans of sunshine Psychedelia and orchestrated pop
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September 17 1969
Is there any need for an introduction to Astrud Gilberto? The Girl From Ipanema, who brought the nonchalant 'Vaga' vocal style of the Brasilian New Wave to international attention and launched a thousand indie-girl records and fantasies in a time and place she never imagined....?? Rev-Ola proudly presents the second in our series of Astrud Gilberto's wonderful albums - described as her best album by none other than popmeister Duglas T. Stewart of The BMX Bandits. A move into softpop rendered in her trademark sexy style but with the surprising addition of some pretty funky playing. As her tenure at famed jazz label Verve was running down, her versions of songs by The Beatles, Bee Gees, Margo Guryan and The Doors gave a new slant to her amazing talents. Simply lovely! Our Price: £9.95

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Elephant Candy
When legendary producer/songwriter Gary Zekley (Phil Spector, Jan & Dean, Yellow Balloon, The Clique) met The Fun And Games (Commission) he was delighted, this group of Texan garage avant-gardists, buddies with The Red Crayola (among many others) wanted to make a coherent pop album - and Gary was just their man! Setting up a deal with the head of the new UNI label, legendary promo guy Russ Regan ( who was enroute from naming and breaking the Beach Boys to signing and breaking Barry White), Zekley set to work producing a prime slice of California Soft-Pop, in Texas! For years, this elusive album has been one of the most sought after Zekley productions and now here it is, INTENSIFIED with contemporary singles sides. Let there be Fun & Games with 'Elephant Candy' (CRREV121). Our Price: £9.95

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Gale Garnett and the Gentle Reign
Released 28/07/08. Like a lot of folk - pop performers who began their careers in the early - to - mid - '60s, by the end of the decade Gale Garnett seemed to have drifted into the rock and psychedelic scene, hooking up with the band The Gentle Reign to cut these two bizarre albums for CBS. Our Price: £9.95

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