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No. 1 Songs In Heaven - A Sparks Biography - Dave Thompson

No. 1 Songs In Heaven - A Sparks Biography
No 1 Songs In Heaven is the first ever biography of one of the most remarkable bands in rock history. Since the moment they emerged into the mainstream in 1974, armed with the hit "This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us,” Sparks – brothers Ron and Russell Mael – have endeared themselves to successive generations of fans, not only with their wry humour and offbeat quirkiness, but also with a lyrical and musical inventiveness that sees them numbered among the most influential acts ever. Morrissey, Siouxsie Sioux, the Pet Shop Boys and many more are numbered among Sparks’ most loyal disciples, while the group’s following is truly international.

Celebrating forty years of this incredible act (the band originally formed in 1969) and 35 years of hits, Number One Songs… is the ultimate guide to the history and the mystery of Sparks. Exclusive interviews and insights trace the group from its earliest strivings in California, all the way up to their so-successful present, while author Dave Thompson’s unique eye for period detail and context reveals just how intelligently Sparks have predicted the course of popular music over the past quarter century.

The book also includes a full worldwide discography, including albums, singles and audio visual material, certainly making it a must for Sparks fans everywhere.

Dave Thompson is the author of over 100 rock books, including best-selling biographies of Kurt Cobain, David Bowie, Cream and many more. His most recent publications include the controversial "I Hate New Music” (Backbeat Books) and the forthcoming "London’s Burning” (Chicago Press review). Born in Devon, England, he now lives in Delaware, USA.
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What if computers finally began getting more Africa in them? What if folk artists started emerging who sounded more post-modern than Cornelius or Pole? What would Click Folk or Glitch Folk sound like? What would Alan Lomax have said if, in 1965, the Newport Folk Festival had been invaded by boffins and geeks playing modular Moogs? What if you could hear, today, the Country Music of the year 2049? What about the Japanese country music of 2049? What would that sound like? What if electronics had appeared in 18th Century Scotland just at the moment of the Highland Clearances? How many mountains can you fit on a Minidisc? It's what Raymond Scott, Bruce Haack or Gary Numan might have sounded like if they'd jammed their way through the back catalogue of Steeleye Span. It's Shakespeare rendered in Flash 5 by a superlucid hyperactive Japanese geek. It's those prolific medieval songwriters Trad. and Anon. finding the missing link between unicorns and Unix. It's preposterous, provocative and prescient

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Journey To A Plugged In State Of Mind Electronic Music : 100 Years Of Experimention And Exploitation
The story of electronic music and composition has, in recent decades, become a significant musical legacy. Seen by many as a novelty for a long time, the synthesiser and drum machine derived pop of the late 1970s and early 1980s finally landed the squeals and squelches of solder and circuit y in the mainstream, validating an extensive period of painstaking research and experimentation dating back to the late 19th Century. The connect ion between Edgard Varese, La Roux, Brian Eno, The Human League and The Plastic Cow Goes Moo is a complex and solder-heavy one.

A Plugged In State Of Mind explores this long and exhaustive legacy and unearths the greatest albums, experiences and tunes from over a century of electronic sound. From anarchic sound art manifestos of the early 1900s to the three minute radio-friendly hits of the late Twentieth Century, via tape manipulations, WWII surplus gadgetry, synthetic versions of the Beat les and the development and domination of the synthesiser, the sequencer and their descendants which form the basic building blocks of much of the music we listen to today, the history of electronic music is a strange wonderland of cosmic highs and offbeat creativity; a story never less than compelling in its experimentalism and competitiveness.

Key works by familiar early innovators such as Schaeffer, Cage, Stockhausen, Henry and Varese are explored, along with modern envelope pushers such as Aphex Twin and Squarepusher and lesser known unsung heroes and key equipment, such as The IBM 7090 Computer and Digital To Sound Transducer and The CSIRAC Computer.

Key recordings are used as chronological touchstones for the story, and provide the reader with highly recommended entry points into this sometimes challenging universe. The author’s familiar, joyful style also lends a very accessible air to the subj ect . A companion CD set is also scheduled for release around the time of publication, and we anticipate a good deal of press and enthusiasm for a subject that any music fan or enthusiast for human technological development will find intriguing.

Dave Henderson was managing director of Q, Mojo and Kerrang! for ten years. A former Sounds journalist who wrote about everything from Cabaret Voltaire to Can, Depeche Mode to Klaus Schulze, his foray into the history of electronic music has been many years in the making, and the resultant vinyl collection constitutes a legacy to some of the wildest material ever released.
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Fucked By Rock (Revisited) The Unimaginable Confessions of Zodiac Mindwarp (and I Have The Greatest Respect For You, George)
Released 25/10/10. First 25 copies will come with exclusive 7 inch by Zodiac Youth, Zed’s collaboration with Youth (Killing Joke, Firemen etc) ORDER NOW to ensure you’re one of the first sold.

Mark Manning was an everyday Yorkshire poet until, in the early 1980s, he found himself possessed by the spirit of Zodiac Mindwarp, High Priest of Love, International Sex God of Everything and reasonably competent tunesmith. He immediately abandoned life in Leeds and let Zodiac take him on a trip into the deepest, darkest crevices of the rock landscape with his own diabolical pop group The Love Reaction.

Fame, world tours (including those with Guns ‘n’ Roses and Iron Maiden), hit records and angry women inevitably followed, but in the mid nineties, with his mind barely intact, Mark turned to other creative outlets, painting, writing and drawing with alarming ferocity.

In 2001, he published Fucked By Rock , a rock biography of a kind never before seen. The usual platitudes of excess seen through expensive sunglasses were replaced by weird tales of the world’s underbelly, inter-band fireworks fights, tour bus vampires, a road crew who hated the band even more than they hated themselves and the intricacies of Rock Maths. It constituted the most brutally honest critique of rock n roll ever committed to paper and became an instant classic, exploring taboos many had shied away from for decades. The book represented a catharsis for lost souls, tour bus junkies and studio ghosts everywhere, and now sells for between £50 - £100 on the collectors market.

Eventually, as the new millennium progressed, Zed conceived of a prequel to Fucked... , to be named I Have The Greatest Respect For You George. Written in the same ringmaster-cum-casual-observer style, this new work uncovers the weird life of a working class teen poet and rocker in waiting as he grinds his way through the 1970s and all it had to offer. Gay Nazi disco dancers, bloody performance art, pubs bursting with oversized glam rock strippers and the ever present shadow of the worst mother-in-law in the world ever all combine to shape a life clearly destined for greatness. Later, further recollections from Zodiac s prime, and a few more recent tales, found their way to Mark’s pen, and a revised, expanded Fucked By Rock manuscript was prepared. This book brings together the previously unpublished I Have The Greatest Respect For You George and the new, expanded Fucked By Rock.

Mark Manning is the celebrated co-author of the Bad Wisdom trilogy with his friend Bill Drummond, and has had several other titles published, including the infamous novella Get Your Cock Out. He also draws, crashes radio controlled helicopters, sings with the Love Reaction and collaborates with comrades as varied as Youth, Adam Ant, Billy Childish and Jimi Cauty.

His work doesn t seek to pamper friends and reconcile foes everybody is put under the most intimate microscope, and their tales told through Zed’s own half imagined ravings.
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Doc's Devils
Tommy Docherty led Manchester United through one of the most interesting periods in their history. Employed in late 1972, the former Scotland manager led the club on an amazing journey, taking in a successful relegation battle, relegation itself, instant promotion and two successive Cup Finals, all in just four and a half years, and the nature of his eventual sacking, following allegations about his private life, gives some indication of the complicated, less than perfect man ‘Doc’s Devils’ seeks to unveil.

Docherty’s unconventional, and at times controversial, approach to team affairs and man management is explored on a season by season basis, whilst numerous interviews from those who worked with and played under him, including legends of the era such as Brian Greenhoff and Sammy McIlroy, ensure that no stone is left unturned in this tale of the highest highs and lowest lows the great game has to offer. These first hand accounts really make ‘Doc’s Devils’ the definitive account of this period, and the book is a must read for any serious United fan, whilst the author’s ability to maintain a degree of neutrality rarely found in such biographies will also encourage followers of teams outside of the red half of Manchester to persist with this incredible footballing story.

In addition to The Doc’s story, ‘Doc’s Devils’ also looks at the post United careers of those who played in his sides and who came to love and loathe him in equal measure. It also includes a full matchography for the period,

‘Doc’s Devils’ is an extremely informative and thorough account of ‘The Doc’s’ spell at this world famous football club, which still employed the Holy Trinity of Law, Best and Charlton during his tenure. The book overflows with the degree of insight and documentation which only the most vigorous research can uncover, and author Egan’s thorough, investigative approach is matched only by the quality of his writing.

Sean Egan is a music and sports journalist, and has written for Billboard, Classic Rock, Record Collector,, Sky Sports, Uncut and Vox, amongst others. His ‘Jimi Hendrix And The Making Of Are You Experienced’ title sold in vast quantities and was nominated for an Award for Excellence by the Association for Recorded Sound Collections, and he has also written a critically acclaimed novel, ‘Sick Of Being Me’.
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Adventures In Dementia - A Micro Opera 10" Vinyl EP Edition
What happens when a Mark E. Smith impersonator has his holiday ruined by Skrewdriver?

Let Luke Haines and Scott King reveal all…

Auteurs icon Luke Haines has announced a typically singular new project entitled Adventures In Dementia, a "micro opera” which features a Mark E. Smith impersonator’s caravan holiday getting ruined by "Ian Stewart”.

Following Rock N Roll Animals and New York In The 70s, Luke’s new collaboration with artist Scott King is the first known opera to be based on a travelling Mark E. Smith impersonator.

Originally performed as a live stage show in Berlin during the summer of 2014, Adventures In Dementia is now available on CD and limited edition 10” Vinyl.

Includes six brand new tracks from Luke Haines

Album to be preceded by the single ‘Caravan Man’.

Look out for more live productions of Adventures In Dementia in the coming months.

Please Note: This title is released 2 February and will not be dispatched before that date.

Track Listing:

1. Caravan Man
2. A Very Friendly Lion Called Parsley
3. Cats That Look Like MES
4. Jerusalem Mix                
5. Regeneration                
6. Adventures In Dementia   
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