Royal Air Force In The Early 1970s 2DVD - The Definitive Short Films Collection

Royal Air Force In The Early 1970s 2DVD
This is the definitive collection of 20 official Royal Air Force archive films, most of them previously unreleased. Presented in chronological order these training, information, recruitment and instructional films give an unprecedented and in-depth insight into the breadth of RAF operations and squadrons during the early 1970s. They feature a bonanza of contemporaneous RAF aircraft such as the Vulcan, Jet Provost, Canberra, Harrier, Phantom, Lightning, VC-10, Hercules, Belfast, Comet and Nimrod.

Oxygen Fire In The Air** (1969/1970, 18 mins) / RAF College - Cranwell** (1970, 19 mins) / The Sharp End (1970, 14 mins) / State Of Readiness (1970, 2 mins) / Sea Survival With The RAF (1970, 2 mins) / Aircraft Mechanic - Weapons** (1970, 6 mins) / Low Flying** (1971, 18 mins) / RAF Catering Trades** (1971, 7 mins) / Vision And Nuclear Flash** (1971, 17 mins) / Low Flying Training - Part One** (1971, 22 mins) / Low Flying Training - Part Two** (1971, 27 mins) / Seven Days To White Tent (1972, 52 mins) / Exercise Senator II** (1972, 21 mins) / RAF Scramble - Quick Reaction Alert (1972, 2 mins) / Nothing To Do With Me** (1972, 21 mins) / The Royal Air Force Afloat** (1972, 28 mins) / Exercise Black Spear** (1972, 28 mins) / The Engineer In The RAF** (1972, 22 mins) / Flight 618 (1973, 18 mins) / Personal Service - The RAF Secretarial Officer** (1973, 15 mins) / An Introduction To The Nimrod** (1973, 17 mins)
** Previously Unreleased Material - over ¾ the overall running time!!

Release Date: 29/10/2012
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TOTAL RUNNING TIME – 6 Hours, 16 Minutes REGION 0 - PAL

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British Phantom Pilot
One of the most dramatic military jets of the Cold War period was the McDonnell-Douglas F-4 Phantom. In the 1960s, it provided a much needed replacement for the Royal Navy's ageing Sea Vixens. With the cancellation of the P.1154 project, the British government became involved in discussions with McDonnell in St. Louis on their proposal for a version of the F-4 Phantom that would be suitable for the British Navy and the RAF.

The first three Royal Navy Phantoms were finally delivered to Yeovilton on April 29, 1968. 892 Squadron became 'carrier qualifi ed' aboard the American carrier USS Saratoga in the autumn of 1969, with the Saratoga suffering burnt and buckled deck platings from the higher thrust of the British Rolls Royce Spey engines! In the RAF, the Phantom replaced the BAC Lightning. After an introductory overview of the history of the aircraft, three complete and previously unseen Phantom films are included in their entirety: PHANTOM PILOT (1973, 39 mins) Directed by Arnold L. Miller, this film illustrates a pilot's rigorous flight training; starting out on the basic Chipmunk and following him through the subsequent stages of the Jet Provost, Folland Gnat and Hawker Hunter aircraft before, finally, becoming a fully fledged Phantom Pilot.

OVERSIGHT (1976, 25 mins)
This was a training film made for the RAF, based on a true story of how, through misunderstanding and bad practice, RAF ground engineers made a fatal error and lost a Phantom.

LOW FLYING TRAINING (1971, 23 mins)
An exciting 'low-level' look at how navigators were trained to fly 'under the radar' and pin-point their targets, sometimes with near-disastrous results!

An impressionistic overview of the F-4 in American service, including its famed role as a Vietnam 'war horse'.

Catalogue Number: SN6565
Classification: Exempt
Picture: 1:33:1 / Colour
Subtitles: None
Time: 111 mins approx
Barcode: 5027626659547
Number of Discs: 1
Sound: Mono / English
Region: 0 / PAL

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Royal Air Force - Command Activities Of The Early 1960s Seven Official RAF Documentaries
1. Bomber Command – 1961 21 mins An in-depth look at the role of Bomber Command and its responsibility for nuclear weapons, which the government had claimed to be “the only existing safeguard against aggression”. Featuring a look at the four forces that form Bomber Command (Medium Bomber Force, Missile Force, Saceur Force and Recce Force) and a look at the training and practice missions and missile launches undertaken.

2. Fighter Command –1962 21 mins Ever ready to retaliate to provocation, the air defences and ballistic missile set ups are studied in this film as is the work undertaken to ensure that the RAF is prepared at all times. Featuring the Gloster Javelin, Lightnings, Hunters, and the Valiant

3. Costal Command – 1961 14 mins Opening with a look at the vital role played by Coastal Command in World War II, this film provides a fascinating look at the role played in this new era. Still primarily concerned with the detection, identification and, if required, destruction of submarines, Coastal Command was a vital link in the defence network.

4. Signals Command – 1962 23 mins The conveying of spoken, typed and written messages sent all over the world is the responsibility of Signals Command. This film looks at the message centre (commonly known as the “tape factory”), the complex technology involved and the use of codes and security for sensitive material. We also visit radio stations around the world, such as Aden, and learn how the whole network works together.

5. Maintenance Command – 1961 20 mins From uniforms to checking new aircraft, from screwdrivers to kettles, Maintenance Command was responsible for the smooth running for many aspects of daily life in the RAF. Providence is the byword in this study of a vital, yet unsung, department and its wide range of roles.

6. Command Activities: RAF Germany – 1962 16 mins A film which looks at British interests being controlled by the RAF in the divided Berlin of 1962. Though quiet and peaceful, the air fields are maintained and patrolled at all times by the Second Allied Tactical Airforce. Including Canberras, Javelins, Viscounts, Pembrokes and Valettas.

7. Command Activities: Air Forces Middle East – 1962 24 mins A detailed look at the unique and varied challenges facing the RAF services based in the Middle East. The absence of road and train links making communications and distribution of supplies to troops of tantamount importance. Shackleton, Twin Pioneer Hunters, Beverleys, Britannias and Canberras.   Previously unreleased official RAF films from the Imperial War Musuem's Film Archive.
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