London Airport (Heathrow) - A short films collection 1949-1965 - Civil Aviation

London Airport (Heathrow) - A short films collection 1949-1965
The most comprehensive DVD compilation of short films to cover the early years of international air operations at London Heathrow Airport during the BOAC and BEA years!

AN INTRODUCTION TO HEATHROW AIRPORT (2012, 7 mins). An introduction to the compilation by Bryan Wolfe.
1) LONDON AIRPORT (1949, 10 mins) - The story of the great engineering feat of the building of Heathrow - one of the largest airports in the world. The film traces the developmental history of the airport from April 1944, when building began, to 1949 when aircraft were arriving from all quarters of the globe laden with passengers and precious cargoes of many nations.
2) LONDON AIRPORT AIRCRAFT RECOGNITION (1949, 8 mins) An overview of some of the aircraft types to be spotted at Heathrow in its first year of international passenger operation. Includes the Skymaster, Lockheed Constellation, the Sud-Est Languedoc, the Convair 240 and the Boeing Stratocruiser. Previously unreleased.
3) WINGS OVER THE WORLD (1950, 32 mins) Shot entirely during the first few operational months in 1949 when London Airport (Heathrow) was a mere conglomeration of huts, this wonderfully nostalgic documentary features a wealth of long gone passenger aircraft including Brabazons, Comets, Constellations, Viscounts, Vikings and the Avro York.
4) IN ON THE BEAM (1951, 10 mins) - A rarely seen and fascinating insight into Heathrow's air and ground control approach systems culminating in London Ground Control Approach talking down a Viking airliner in a blind approach in foggy conditions with the aid of radar.
5) AIR CROSSROADS - LONDON (1958, 15 mins) - A 'behind the scenes' account of the mammoth organisation required to maintain a constant stream of passenger and freight air-traffic at the busiest international airport in the world. Featuring a variety of passenger jet airliners in Swiss Air, Air India, Air France and BOAC liveries!
6) AIRPORT (1965, 38 mins) - A classic and groundbreaking 'day in the life' documentary of Heathrow Airport filmed unobtrusively in an 'eavesdropping' style without commentary, letting the situations and interactions of staff and passengers speak for themselves. Previously unreleased.

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BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation), was the result of a merger between British Airways Ltd and Imperial Airways Ltd in 1939. During the Second World War, the new BOAC operated flying boat services to the British colonies, we join test pilot Captain Stone checking out a Short Sunderland Flying Boat in 1946.In 1946, London Airport (Heathrow) was opened and the then BOAC aircraft such as the Lancastrian, Liberator, Halton and the Avro York were all based on World War Two bombers! Later that year the pressurized cabin American Lockheed Constellation joined the fleet with the Boeing Stratocruiser which could fly non-stop to the USA. Between 1949 and 1950, the first modern British airliner, the Handley Page Hermes also entered service.In 1952, BOAC was the first airline to introduce a passenger jet, the De Havilland Comet. We follow the world beating Comet with its test pilot, John Cunningham, in its disastrous second year when three Comets mysteriously crashed killing all on board. We see the birth of the Whispering Giant - the turbo-prop Bristol Britannia and the Vickers VC-10 jet and witness the intricacies of Air Traffic Control.In 1957, a Britannia crashed into a housing estate in Bristol. By 1958, BOAC were operating the new Comet 4 with the first jet service across the Atlantic and, in 1966, we join a simulated Concorde flight from Sydney to Heathrow.Other aircraft include the Boeing 707 and 747, Concorde, Avro Tudor 1, Vickers Viscount, the Bristol Brabazon, C-4 Argonaut, the DH Frobisher, the BAC1-11 and many, many more.So, from seaplanes to jet planes, this is the definitive and exciting overview of the much missed BOAC which was amalgamated with BEA in 1974 to form the British Airways of today. Plus Bonus Features on the VC-10 and the BAC 1-11
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