The Battle Of Ypres - First World War

The Battle Of Ypres
1925. Released in its entirety for the first time ever, Battle Of Ypres is the original 1925 British Instructional Films documentary re-enacting key scenes from the notorious Battle Of Ypres in the actual battle trenches. The lengthy campaign was largely a murderous stalemate that perfectly demonstrated the horror and futility of war. A massive 1.7 million soldiers died in the attempt to capture the Belgian town and its environs over the length of a four year campaign. The first, second, third and fourth battles of Ypres are all covered as are the key positions of Mesen, Hill 60 and the Passchendaele Ridge - the scene of prolonged and terrible carnage over a mere 900 metres of land. A follow-up to the best-selling DVD The Battle Of The Somme (1916), as a representation of war Battle Of Ypres was not without its controversy; it arguably distorted the grimmer realities of conflict – the trenchfoot, the maiming and death - into a noble recount of the superiority of the Allies. But, even in this light, Battle Of Ypres gives us a unique historical reading of one of the longest and bloodiest battles of the First World War.

The original silent documentary has had an all new soundtrack created from digitally enhanced recordings of the period as well as the addition of evocative sound effects. The release comes with two complimentary DVD Bonus Features :- Ypres The Shell Shattered City Of Flanders, 1918 (16 mins) Shots of the remnants of discernible landmarks amidst the rubbled ruins of Ypres and the ridges to theNorth and East of the town. Includes the main square and its Cloth Hall, St. Martin's Cathedral, The ChurchOf Saint Jacques and Shrapnel Corner. Remembrance Day, Ypres 1922 (2 mins)
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Luftwaffe Bombers and Fighters of World War Two
Contains TWO Episodes: Luftwaffe Bombers and Luftwaffe Fighters of World War Two.

Hitler's Luftwaffe seemed invincible in the 1930s with its 'rehearsal' in the Spanish Civil War, and its Blitzkrieg tactics used in overrunning the bulk of Europe at the beginning of the Second World War. German Luftwaffe Bombers with names such as Junkers, Heinkel and Dornier brought fear to the hearts and minds of the civilized world.

- Luftwaffe Bombers presents a detailed look at the twin-engined Junkers Ju 88, while rarely seen archive film gives us a pilot's eye cockpit view during a stunning engine failure sequence.

- Heinkel's He 111 bomber also boasts detailed in-cockpit sequences. There is extremely rare footage of the He 111 'Zwilling' - which was two of the bombers welded together! The He 177 and the screaming Junkers Ju 87 'Stuka' dive bomber are also prominently featured.

- A section on the Dornier Do 17 and Do 217 completes this exceptional look at one of the most feared bomber forces in military history.

- Luftwaffe Fighters begins with an in-depth look at the Me 109. Incredible footage shows the captured German fighter in blistering action.

- Messerschmitt tried a new concept in fighters with its twin engined Me Bf 110.

- The Me 210 could be converted from fighter to light bomber. It also boasted two remote control rear firing guns either side of the fuselage. There is also rare colour footage of the unique Me 410.

- The vaults of The Imperial War Museum have also provided stunning footage of a captured Fw 190 in the hands of the RAF.

Special Feature

- Quizcraft (1942, 9 mins): World War Two Aircraft Recognition Training Quiz.

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Time: 136 mins approx
Region: 0 / PAL
Subtitles: None
Sound: Stereo / English
Picture: 1.33:1 / Colour / Black and White
Number of Discs: 1
Classification: E
Barcode: 5027626651041

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British Tanks Of The Second World War
OVER 2 HOURS IN LENGTH - British Tanks Of The Second World War is the definitive archive film documentary tracing the development of British Tanks from the Tog 1 at the outset of war to the Comet at the end of hostilities through a never ending cycle of improvements to meet the joint challenges of firepower, manoeuvrability and crew protection.

The Germans started World War Two with the deadly advantage of having developed a formidable Panzer Force both in terms of their tanks' mechanical superiority and the integrated Panzer Divisions preparations for their deployment. The British tanks by contrast were basic, unimaginative throwbacks to the crude designs of the Great War.

Tanks were needed to smash through defences and enemy lines, to destroy gun positions and to isolate and paralyse the enemy in minimal time. As the war progressed relentlessly across Northern Europe British Tanks met the challenge of the heavier German Tanks by successfully mating the 17 Pdr Gun to the Sherman Tank creating the tank destroying Firefly. Other adaptations to tanks included the ability to 'swim' and lay bridges - helping to maintain the flow of armour into the heart of the Reich.

British Tanks Of The Second World War is the fascinating story of the design triumphs and adaptations that turned around the mismanagement, underproduction and technical inferiority of British tanks at the beginning of the war into a fearsome strike force that outfought the Panzer divisions and paved the way for Victory!

Beach Obstacles (1943, 31 minutes) - A fascinating silent film illustrating the many ways adapted tanks can be employed to overcome passive beach defences - walls, wire-filled gullies, concrete 'egg' obstacles, steel tubes etc. Includes images of Churchill tanks with 'Carpet'laying equipment enabling troops to cross areas of densely packed barbed wire and customised Convenanter and Matilda with a variety of explosive charges.

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The Battle Of The Somme: 2014 Edition
Re-branded and re-released to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War!

The Battle of the Somme (1916) is one of the most successful British films ever made. It is estimated that more than 20 million tickets were sold in Great Britain in the first two months of release, and the film was distributed worldwide to prove Britain’s commitment to the First World War. It is the source of many of the conflict’s most iconic images.

The Battle of the Somme gave its 1916 audience an unprecedented insight into the realities of trench warfare, controversially including the depiction of dead and wounded soldiers. It shows scenes of the build-up to the infantry offensive, including the massive preliminary bombardment, coverage of the first day of the battle – the bloodiest single day in the British Army’s history – and depictions of the small gains and huge costs of the attack.

As a pioneering battlefield documentary, the very concept of The Battle of the Somme outraged commentators on its release, inaugurating a debate about the on-screen depiction of combat that continues to this day. Its use of a staged sequence to represent the opening of the assault also set the scene for continuing controversy about the ‘truth’ of the documentary format.

The film has been digitally restored, offering a startling improvement on previously released video versions. It is available with a choice of three soundtracks in 5.1 and Stereo:
•A newly commissioned orchestral score, composed by Laura Rossi and performed by the Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Nic Raine.
•A recreation of the medley of light classics, folk tunes, popular songs and military music, recommended as an accompaniment to the 1916 release, performed by a small ensemble led by Stephen Horne.
•An audio commentary by Roger Smither, former Keeper of the Imperial War Museums’ Film and Photograph Archives.

•On-screen interviews with Roger Smither, Laura Rossi, Stephen Horne and Dr Toby Haggith.
•Five missing scenes and fragments linked to their originally intended position in the film.
•Booklet with information on the film, its restoration and musical accompaniments.

N.B. This album is released August 25 and will not be dispatched before this date.
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