Dig For Victory - The Ministry Of Food And The Battle To Feed Wartime Britain 1940 - 1944 - Second World War

Dig For Victory - The Ministry Of Food And The Battle To Feed Wartime Britain 1940 - 1944
This DVD companion to the Imperial War Museum's Second World War "Ministry Of Food" Exhibition is the definitive compilation of their own film archive's holdings on every stage of the food chain; food production, preparation and consumption. It affords a very detailed insight into the logistical struggle to feed the British during the dark days of war; both fighting servicemen and civilians on the home front. The Ministry Of Food had the unenviable task of keeping the public constantly aware of the shortage of food as ships containing much needed imports were a constant target for the Luftwaffe and the German Navy. It was imperative that the nation endeavored to self-sufficiency as far as was practicable and these films encourage the British public's positive adaptation to the privations of shortages and rationing with an emphasis on how to be frugal and inventive on the 'Kitchen Front', on avoiding waste, on reducing imports through the promotion of 'seasonal' produce and fool-proof instructional films on how to grow one's own food. The WVS and 'Food Flying Squads' leapt into nightly action during the 'Blitz' to feed the wardens, rescue teams, firemen and civilians who had been bombed out of their homes. Communal dining in a chain of 'British Restaurants' helped ration coupons to go further. The Ministry of Information used many star names from the theatre and variety revues of the time such as Tommy Trinder, Ted Ray, Ronald Shiner, Arthur Haynes, Charlie Chester, Jimmy Handley, John Slater, Ralph Richardson, and Hubert Gregg.
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