Marc Almond in Open All Night - Marc Almond

Marc Almond in Open All Night
Deluxe Special Edition Double Disc Re-Issue. Released 19/04/10.

The first of a series of Marc Almond expanded re-issue CD's, Open All Night was originally released in 1999, and it's original and evocative sound mixes elements of R&B, Gospel, Latin, Trip-Hop and Electronica. Features duets with Siouxsie Sioux ('Threat Of Love') and with former Sneaker Pimps vocalist Kelly Ally ('Almost Diamonds').

Features an 18-track bonus disc, curated by Marc Almond himself of original song demos, film soundtrack rarities and alternative versions of tracks recorded at the time of the 1999 Open All Night Sessions.

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Disc One
Night And Dark / Bedroom Shrine / Tragedy (Take A Look And See) / Black Kiss / Almost Diamonds / Scarlet Bedroom / My Love / Heart In Velvet / Open All Night / Threat Of Love / Bad People Kiss / Sleepwalker / Midnight Soul

Disc Two (Bonus Tracks)
Scarlet Bedroom (Full Version Demo) /Beautiful Light Of Madness (Alternate Version Demo) / Beautiful Losers (From Original European Release) / Lonely Go-Go Dancer (From Original European Release) / One Big Soul (From Original European Release) / Rhythm And Blues (For The Film "Rhythm And Blues") / My Porno Star (For The Film "Rhythm And Blues") / Half World (Previously Unreleased Demo) / Wrap My Heart In Velvet (Demo) / Sleepwalker (Demo) / Tragedy (Demo) / Almost Diamonds (Original Demo) / Threat Of Love featuring Siouxsie Sioux and Budgie (Neal X Mix) / Tale Of A Tart (Hell!) (For The Film "Rhythm And Blues") / When Bad People Kiss (Original Demo) / Black Kiss (Live At The Almeida, 1999) / Satan's Child (Limited Edition 'B' Side) / Sequins And Stars (For The Film "Mojo")

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Stranger Things
The second in a series of Marc Almond expanded re-issue CD's, Stranger
Things was originally released in 2001 and was a collaboration with
Icelandic producer / arranger Johann Johannson (Lhooq, Dip, Hafler
Trio...) giving the album a consciously cinematic musical coherence with
melodramatic and soaring string arrangements to the fore.
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More Songs About Love & Hate
 I think possibly we’ve got higher standards than most groups. If you can t add two or three new songs to the set every month, then it s not worth carrying on. Peter Coyne, NME 1987 When people reminisce now on Brand 80s, they are presented with a glitzy, money-pumped Club Tropicana. Well, think again. The Godfathers, who were indeed signed to the same label, Epic, as Club Tropicana author George Michael himself, presented hard, crunching, socially-conscious pop with a fierce R&B/mod sensibility. Their three albums for Epic, Birth, School, Work, Death, More Songs About Love and Hate and Unreal World, all offered a powerful antidote to the puffed-up importance of the music scene.

By the time the Godfathers released More Songs About Love and Hate, they were making waves in America while still seeking chart action back in their home country. They had become the name to drop. Formed from the ashes of the Sid Presley Experience in 1985, the band brothers vocalist Peter and bassist Chris Coyne, guitarists Kris Dollimore and Mike Gibson and drummer George Mazur, had enjoyed considerable success with the compilation of their indie hits, Hit By Hit (on their Corporate Image label) and their first Epic album More Songs About Love & Hate was released on 9 May 1989. The cover of the album had a stunning drawing of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor on it that had to be withdrawn for the American market, amidst fears that the actress would sue. Peter Coyne explained: It wasn’t meant to denigrate Elizabeth Taylor or Richard Burton’s memory.
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Birth, School, Work, Death
Released in February 1988, Birth, School, Work, Death jarred with both the indie movement which was obsessed with getting over the demise of the Smiths and the Housemartins, and the mainstream pop charts.

A tie-in gig at London s Town And Country Club in Kentish Town on Valentine sNight 1988 marked The Godfathers step into the big time. The album made No. 80 on the UK albums chart, where it remained for two weeks. However, in the states, the title track was pushed heavily by college radio, and it became an USTop 40 hit. Birth, School, Work, Death has got to be a bit of a high point, cause that took off instantly all over the world and it s turned into a little franchise of its own really, Peter Coyne was to say later.
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Whatever Turns You On
Esoteric Recordings are proud to release this classic rock album from 1973, the second by the amazing power trio, West Bruce & Laing. Forming in 1972 the band brought together Cream bassist, vocalist and writer Jack Bruce with Leslie West and Corky Laing from the American band Mountain. Together WBL recorded three albums, all of which demonstrated the group's power and dexterity. Following the release of their debut, 'Why Doncha?' for CBS records in Europe, the band moved to RSO Records to record this, their last studio album which featured such classics as ‘Scotch Krotch'. Alas, the band only lasted some eighteen months before breaking apart. This Esoteric release, re-mastered from the original tapes, follows on the heels of the label's critically acclaimed 6 CD set Jack Bruce retrospective 'Can You Follow?' and is indeed a welcome one for all fans of classic rock!
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Variete - deluxe limited edition with bonus acoustic CD
Critically acclaimed and popularly adored, one of Britain's most musically eclectic singer/songwriters, Marc Almond, releases his new album Variete on 7th June through Cherry Red Records. Variete is Marc's first complete album of self-written songs since Open All Night, over a decade ago. The first 3000 copies of the album will be in a limited edition digipack with an exclusive bonus acoustic CD featuring additional unreleased tracks.

In this, Marc's 30th year as a recording artist, Varietee, revisits the eras of Marc's personal and musical life providing an eloquent and sometimes nostalgic, insight into what defines him as a performer.

Almond says "The album deals with the themes of the changing times, a yearning for simplicity, regret at loss, growing older, loneliness through the eyes of a performer, madness, letting go, acceptance, as well as our obsession with nostalgia. For me the past and a sense of history is what gives us soul and humanity, gives us value. I wanted to celebrate nostalgia.

He goes on to elaborate "This is a personal record of my own life and the decades I've grown through: born in the 1950's, a child of the 60's, a troubled teen of the 70's, a star of the 80's, a drug casualty of the 90's, an actual road casualty in the new millennium, and from it a rehabilitated and re-invented person, with a new sense of self."

Marc has always excelled at mixing musical genres and writing vividly poignant lyrics, as well as collaborating with musicians of note. Variete is produced and arranged by Marc himself, with the exception of 3 tracks (The Trials of Eyeliner, Bread and Circus and Soho So Long) which are produced and co-arranged by Tris Penna, who produced much of Marc's 2007 album Stardom Road.

PRE ORDER YOUR COPY NOW. Please note only 3000 copies include bonus acoustic album. Place your order now to ensure that you do not miss.

This is a PRE ORDER. Will be dispatched in June! A digital Deluxe Edition will also be available as an exclusive pre-order through iTunes & is preceded by the digital single 'Nijinsky Heart' on 24th May which includes two live tracks from Marc's Bluegate Fields DVD.

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