Nuclear War In Britain - Home Front Civil Defence Films : 1951 - 1987 - Cold War

Nuclear War In Britain - Home Front Civil Defence Films : 1951 - 1987
August 6th 1945 was the day that changed civilization as we knew it. Hiroshima - the first atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese city.

Later with the more powerful Hydrogen bomb and the Cold War between Russia and the West there was the very real threat that the major civilizations would resort to a fully blown Nuclear War which , it was thought could bring the world to a catastrophic and violent end.

A new form of Civil Defence became a necessity. Strike Force Entertainment brings you the definitive collection of the British Government's graphic films made between 1951 and 1987 aimed at the public to counter this incredible threat to every man, woman and child.

So far the world has averted this crisis, but for how much longer? Featuring nearly 5 hours of rare archive film across 2 discs this is the definitive history of how the British government communicated the Nuclear threat to its people across four decades.

Many of these films have not been available for public consumption for many years making this DVD set a fantastic collectors item and a unique piece of social history.

Running Time - 284 Mins FILMS FEATURED: The Waking Point (1951) / Civil Defence Newsreels (1951 / 1952) / Civil Defence Get New Gear (1955), Defence Sense (1956) / Atomic Attack (1958) / The Warden, His Duties And Training (1961) / The Warden And The Householder (1961) / Bertrand Russell Has Fear Of Nuclear War (1961) / Hole In The Ground (1962) / 700 Practice Civil Defence (1962) / Seven Civil Defence Warning Films (1964) / Care Of The Homeless (1965) / Sound An Alarm (1971) / Protect And Survive (1976) and Should Disaster Strike (1987)

Civil Defence News Rushes (1952, 1962 & 1963)

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