Nato - From Coldwar To Hot War The First Sixty Years - Cold War

Nato -  From Coldwar To Hot War The First Sixty Years
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (N.A.T.O.) was formed in Rome in April 1949 with 12 member countries. Today, it has 26, with many former Warsaw Pact states from Eastern Europe representing the well-being of nearly a billion people and making it the world's leading peace-keeper. This unique DVD is a compilation featuring a selection of previously unreleased archive NATO documentaries: The Price Of Peace / Four Days In Autumn / Barriers / Skywatch / Citizens Of The World They are all written, produced and directed by award winning British film-maker JOHN EDWARDS, who was NATO's key filmmaker for nearly forty years. His insight into the military hardware and political propaganda is unsurpassed and he personally links his own films in this fascinating look at "the most powerful force for peace, and the continuity of Democracy, the World has ever seen"

Together they celebrate the first sixty years of NATO military and political activity and cover :- The formation of the NATO Alliance / Soviet post WW2 expansion, the Iron Curtain and the formation of the Warsaw Pact. the Berlin Air-Lift / The Cold War 'Superpowers' ArmsRace / The Nuclear stand-off and the Cuban missile crisis / The rise and fall of the Berlin Wall / The Czech uprising, the impostion of Polish Martial Law

The Warsaw Pact's disintegration / NATO s own Air Force in the 1970 s / NATO on patrol in Northern Ireland An F-16 Hot Scramble, Nimrod Patrols and the E3A AWACS Force / A Phantom Jet interception of 2 Russian Bear aircraft. / The UN's request to NATO to stop bloodshed in Bosnia / NATO firing its first shots in anger to devastating effect / The UN request for peace-keeping in Afghanistan

The might of NATO's joint arsenal is evidenced in the large scale exercises that John Edwards had unprecedented access to the frontline of, including the Russian invasion exercise in Four days in autumn in 1982 - when 3000 troops crossed the Rhine in just 2 hours. A Hawk Missile battery in action to down enemy aircraft that could launch surprise bomb and gas attacks. Also featuring rockets, tanks, helicopter gun ships, jet fighters, bombers, assault craft and underwater tanks that swim across rivers, NATO Exercises really were the closest thing to real war .

Charlton Heston provides the narration to Barriers while Anthony Quayle stars in The Price of Peace . BONUS FEATURES - Nato Today and Nato Reflections (2009 Interview with John Edwards)

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