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22 Raptor - America’s Fiercest Killing Machine
The U.S. Air Force Raptor is an aircraft designed to kill. It is the most formidable air superiority fighter in the skies of all time and at nearly £100 million per aircraft, one of the most expensive. It may well also be the last of its kind. The F-22, for all its sophistication, has a direct genesis from the fighters of the First Word War. The young pilots then were told to attack out of the sun, and the pilots of the Raptor still do exactly the same today!

Until now, the Raptor has been one of the most closely guarded secret projects of the U.S. Air Force. This DVD presents some never before seen footage of the F-22 at work. Taking the cloak off this unique fighter was not easy, but now its story can be told. It is a phenomenal piece of hardware; truly a fifth generation fighter. But for all its sophistication, it is actually an easier plane to fly, and service than its predecessors, thus making deployment in conflict easier and quicker than the F-15 and F-16, which it will ultimately be replacing.

Whilst primarily a fighter, the F-22 also has multiple role capabilities that include ground attack, electronic warfare, and signals intelligence. Stealth technology allows it to fly virtually unseen by enemy radar. The F-22 is a demanding aircraft; flies very fast, and the physical stresses on the pilots are truly severe.

The F-22 s movable engine nozzles, allow it to nearly hover like a Harrier in flight, waiting to pounce on an enemy. While it carries very sophisticated air-to-air missiles, it also, like its forerunners, carries a gun, a weapon that the pilot can himself manually aim and pull the trigger of. So this aircraft, for all of its wonder, remains a lean, mean, fighting machine. TOTAL RUNNING TIME - 103 Mins

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