Concorde - The Early Years 1964-1969 - Civil Aviation

Concorde - The Early Years 1964-1969
A celebration of the early developmental years of the Anglo-French Concorde project illuminating the journey of discovery from the initial extensive aerodynamic experiments to the first flights and rigorous testing of the protoypes. These official films are presented uncut, many are previously unseen and all provide an unrivalled insight into the aeronautical marvel of its time.

Concorde - Birth of the First Supersonic Airliner 1964 - 13 minutes Early promotional film about the Concorde project

Concorde Progress 1964 - 19 minutes.
Highlights include Olympus engine research in a Vulcan test bed, construction of variable geometry intakes and exhausts, and the kinetic heating test beds.

Concorde - The Great Collaboration 1966 - 20 minutes.
An overview of the design and technological challenges met at the outset of the collaboration between B.A.C. and Sud-Aviation relating to materials, aerodynamics, structure and performance and the range of tests and laboratories employed in order to answer questions about thermal stress, supersonic shockwaves, material fatigue, air flow patterns etc. Also features the deltawinged BAC 221 and HP115 planes, the low speed handling qualities of which informed the Concorde development process.

Concorde Takes Shape 1967 - 9 minutes.
review of the production progress made on Concorde prototypes 001 and 002 during 1966 and 1967. Includes extensive ground and air testing of the Olympus 593 engine and the airlifting of Concorde components between the Filton and Toulouse productions by means of an R.A.F. Belfast transport plane.

Construction of the First Prototype 1967 - 10 minutes.
an explanation of the division of different sections of Concorde prototype manufacture between Sud Aviation in Toulouse and B.A.C. in Filton.

Concorde Debut 1967 - 19 minutes
The roll-out of 001 and an explanation of the tests and testing equipment it will be subjected to, this event being the "start of the Concorde learning curve".

Concordes Fly 1969 - 13 minutes
A report of the first flights of the Concorde prototypes 001 and 002, their joint flying display at the Paris Airshow of 1969 and the Queen's Birthday Concorde Flypast over Buckingham Palace.

BONUS FEATURE - Concorde Materials
Specimen Heat Tests 1964 -1 minute

BONUS FEATURE - Roll-Out Ceremony for Concorde 001 at Toulouse, 1967 - 3 minutes

BONUS FEATURE - Concorde Shackleton
Parachute Trials at Henlow, 1967 - 3 minutes

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Concorde - 24 Hour World
(1973, 28 mins, directed by John Costello and Terry Hughes) Concorde, the head-turning supersonic airliner, only entered commercial service in January 1976, and although 'Concorde 24 Hour World' was made some years previous to that in 1973, it remains the definitive documentary to chart the optimism and weight of expectation this stunning aircraft carried. Its Anglo-French design and development was an enormous technological and logistical effort with the nose, tail and part of the fuselage being built in Bristol and its body and wings in Toulouse. The film focuses on Concorde 002, the British test aircraft that was to spend 'most of its flying hours at the edge of the stratosphere' and which was 'the most thoroughly tested civil aircraft ever'. Built to be tested to the limits, 002 was never to see public service. We see test pilot John Cochrane in a pre-flight briefing and in the cockpit, and this beautiful aircraft in stunning taxiing, take-off, air-to-air, descent and landing shots, as well as at various locations on its 1972 World Tour visiting places as diverse as Athens, Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo, India, Beirut and Iran in order to encourage vital orders from foreign airlines.

CONCORDE (1976, 21mins, directed by Arnold L. Miller)
A celebration of Concorde in the year it entered commercial service. This film shows Concorde in its early British Airways livery at Heathrow. We also get an insight into the construction process through scenes at the British Aircraft Corporation factories in Weybridge and Filton, and the unbelievably rigorous developmental testing procedures of the airframe at Farnborough, including the C.A.A. certification for rain. At Fairford we see the latest production Concorde undergoing testing, and shots of early Concorde flight simulators, with a voice-over by John Cochrane. We see the pre-production Concorde 001 and the final shots of 002 at Fairford before its final flight to the Fleet Air Arm Museum where it remains as an exhibit to this day.

DAY OF THE CONCORDE (1976, 14mins)
'The most beautiful aircraft ever to evolve from the mind of man'. Another film celebration of Concorde covering an early return proving flight from London Heathrow to Gander in Newfoundland, with an emphasis on the superb in-flight service and the 'Concorde experience' of the customer at 55,000 feet, flying at Mach 2 - twice the speed of sound. The success of the flight was a pre-cursor to a presentation of the CAA's certificate of airworthiness and the celebrations surrounding the inaugural commercial flight to Bahrain on 21st January 1976 - the 'Day Of The Concorde'.


This film shows early research into supersonic and hypersonic flight as it stood in the pioneering days of the early 1960s. Military jets had already left the sound barrier behind and the next leap forward was to be the supersonic passenger airliner known as Concorde. Using laboratory scenes, wind tunnel tests and shots of the Handley Page 115 and BAC 221, a trio of scientists explain the aerodynamics of the 'delta wing' and the proposed 'wave rider' air shapes, demonstrating an experimental silicon nitrite metal strengthener before concluding with speculations as to the future development of hypersonic airframes.


(1972, 2 mins) A silent take-off and landing sequence of the prototype Concorde followed by an interview with test pilot John Cochrane.



Rare Concorde stills, including photos from Concorde's 1972 promotional 'round-the-world' tour.

London Television Service press releases and '24 Hour World' Concorde blueprint brochure.

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Concorde - The Early Years 1969-1976
A celebration of the later developmental years of the Anglo-French Concorde project, from the flight testing of the prototypes and the first production model proving flights through to the inaugural scheduled supersonic passenger flights. These official films are presented uncut, many are previously unseen and all provide an unrivalled insight into the aeronautical marvel of its time.

She Flies 1969 - 15 minutes
The definitive film account by celebrated director John Edwards of the first flights of both Concorde prototypes 001 and 002 as flown by Andre Turcat and Brian Trubshaw respectively. 001is seen taking off from Toulouse in March and 002 from Filton in April of 1969, the latter seen arriving at R.A.F. Filton, its next test bed. A dual-language film celebrating the Anglo-French collaboration that was Concorde.

First Flight of Concorde 001 1969 - 12 minutes
"I can say now it flies pretty well": Andre Turcat, Test Pilot at the Press Conference following the scenes of Concorde's first test flight from Toulouse.

First Flight 002 1969 - 7 minutes
Brian Trubshaw piloting the first 22-minute flight of Concorde 002 from Filton to R.A.F. Fairford, some five weeks after the first flight of 001 in France.

On to Mach Two 1971 - 14 minutes
The achievement of the prototypes to routinely reach Mach Two (1350 m.p.h.) and the start of the conveyance of passengers, albeit only airline representatives and government officials who sat in a limited seating area behind the 10 tons of on-board test and monitoring equipment.

Concorde - World Shrinker 1972 - 17 minutes
A retrospective of Concorde's 1972 Demonstration Flight World Tour traveling 46,000 miles and visiting 12 countries. Also gives an insight into the exhaustive ground testing at the R.A.E. Farnborough and Toulouse.

Concorde Gives Up Smoking 1973 - 6 minutes
A celebration of the 602 Olympus engine with its annular combustion chamber and the modified exhaust nozzles included from Concorde production model 02 onwards, which addressed the concerns of the very vocal detractors who argued that the very visible exhaust fumes could pollute the stratosphere.

Concorde - Faster Than the Sun 1973 - 5 minutes
An impressionistic celebration of Concorde taking-off, in-flight and landing in various destinations including Rio, Johannesburg, Beirut and Singapore.

Concorde Flight 1973 - 6 minutes
B.O.A.C. liveried Concorde model, fully passenger loaded, undergoes extensive cockpit pre-flight checks before taking off. A vision of a B.O.A.C. Concorde era which never came to pass!

Supersonic Preview 1975 - 10 minutes
Derek John, the then Commercial Director of Sales at B.A.C., celebrates Concorde and, in the context of its "proving flights", addresses some of the concerns of its detractors: the harmful effects of supersonic travel on the stratosphere, its climatic impact, airfield noise, exhaust pollution and the infamous "sonic boom".

Supersonic Inaugural 1976 - 5 minutes
Passengers' thoughts and eulogies on the occasion of the inaugural scheduled passenger flight from London Heathrow on 21 January, 1976.

BONUS FEATURE - London to Sydney Air Race 1969 with Concorde and Sheila Scott - 4 minutes

BONUS FEATURE - 8ft Wind Tunnel Testing at R.A.E. Bedford 1970 - 4 minutes

BONUS FEATURE - Illustrated Interview with John Edwards, Director Of "She Flies" - 10 minutes

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