Blast : Expanded Edition - Holly Johnson

Blast : Expanded Edition
An expanded collector’s edition re-issue of Holly Johnson’s first solo album Blast. Originally released in May 1989, Blast was a UK Number One platinum selling album and contains the four hit singles Love Train (#4), Americanos (#4), Atomic City (#18) and Heaven’s Here (#62). Also contains all six tracks from 1990’s long deleted Hollelujah remix album plus many other remixes, B-sides and rarities - many released on CD for the first time. We even have a special bonus DVD disc featuring the Blast promotional videos. This expanded edition has been curated in consultation with Holly Johnson himself.


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Disc One: The Blast Album Remastered - 'B-Sides' And Rarities / Atomic City / Heaven’s Here / Americanos / Deep In Love / S.U.C.C.E.S.S. / Love Train / Got It Made / Love Will Come / Perfume / Feel Good / Murder In Paradise ('B' side of Love Train) / Americanos (Mambo Dub) ('B' side of Americanos) / Beat The System ('B' side of Atomic City) / Hollelujah ('B' side of Heaven’s Here - from the album Hollelujah) / Love Me Tender / Perfume (Aromatherapy Mix - Remixed by Martin Philips and Madame X - from the album Hollelujah) / Perfume (12” Remix Instrumental previously unreleased)

Disc Two: Love Train (Americana Big Beat - Remixed By Frankie Knuckles From The Album Hollelujah) / Love Train (Iron Horse Instrumental - Remixed By Frankie Knuckles, Previously Unreleased In The Uk) / Love Train (12" Americana Big Beat Radio Mix - Remixed By Frankie Knuckles, Previously Unreleased In The Uk) / Love Train (Big Beat Radio Mix - Remixed By Frankie Knuckles, Previously Unreleased In The UK) / Love Train (7" Americana Mix - Remixed By Frankie Knuckles, Previously Unreleased In The Uk) / Love Train (Ride The A Train) - UK 12" Single / Americanos (The Perfect Taco Mix - Remixed By Ian Curnow and Phil Harding For Pwl - From The Album "Hollelujah")/ Americanos (Liberty Mix) - UK 12" Single / Americanos (Justin Stauss Mix) - Previously Unreleased In The Uk / Americanos (Magimix) - Uk 12" Remix Single / Americanos (7" Magimix Version) - Previously Unrelased / Atomic City (bona biodegradeable mix a.k.a. Environmental Mix - Remixed By Julian Mendelsohn - From The Album "Hollelujah" And Uk 12" Remix Single) / Heaven’s Here (mount olympus Mix - Remixed By Julian Mendelsohn - From The Album "Hollelujah" And Uk 12" Single)

Disc Three - DVD: The Blast Promotional Videos / Love Train / Americanos / Atomic City / Heaven’s Here / Atomic City (12" version)
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Keep Your Distance
A long overdue reissue of the 1987 #1 debut album by Curiosity Killed The Cat. It's an essential album for all collectors of 80's pop.

This 16 track CD, features the 9 tracks of the original album, 4 extended 12" mixes from the single releases that were included on a subsequent reissue of the album plus 3 bonus tracks to make this a very comprehensive collection of the band's most successful material. The album was a number 1 UK album in 1987 and remained on the charts for 24 weeks.
This collection features 4 hit singles including Down To Earth #3, Misfit #7, Ordinary Day #11 and Free #54. The 3 bonus tracks featured are b/sides Man, Corruption
(Dub) available on CD for the first time and Bullet.
A comprehensive booklet featuring sleeve notes and a full UK discography featuring many of their sleeves. Curiosity Killed The Cat fronted by the charismatic Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot enjoyed their first hit with Down To Earth in December of 1986. With their James Dean looks, vibrant
street energy and cutting edge soul pop sound it seemed for a while as if Curiosity Killed the Cat may have possessed, a perfect recipe for success in the late eighties pop market.

Initially the band were labelled as a boy band but this ignores the band's undoubted musical backbone and talent. Hit singles were to follow as were two successful albums, their musical and commercial high point being their debut album and the focus of this reissue Keep Your Distance.
Our Price: £9.95

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From A to B/Anwhere
New Musik formed in 1977 in London, growing out of a casual band of South London school friends who jammed together under the name End of the World Songwriter and record producer Tony Mansfield was the lead vocalist and frontman for the band, and was joined in the original line-up by, bassist Tony Hibbert and drummer Phil Towner.Rather than immediately pursue a recording contract, New Musik chose to hone their craft first. Working during down times at a recording studio where Mansfield was informally employed as a session musician and apprentice sound engineer, the foursome recorded most of what would become their first two albums before approaching the UK record label, GTO Records with the finished master tapes. However, before GTO released the first New Musik single, Straight Lines, in August 1979, Straker had left for a solo career, He was replaced by Clive Gates, and the new line-up completed New Musik's debut album, From A to B, which was released in April 1980.New Musik made their first appearance on the BBC TV pop programme, Top of the Pops, in October 1979 with their debut Straight Lines, From A to B reached the Top 40 in the UK Albums Chart and contained four hit singles: Straight Lines, Living by Numbers, This World of Water and Sanctuary. The band also topped the French singles chart with On Islands from the same album.
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The Circle And The Square
Released 20/10/08. The Circle And The Square was originally released in 1986 and has become one of the most requested reissues, even with an online petition launched to see it released. 2nd hand copies exchange hands for approximately £200.

This reissue features four of the band's best known singles including their two top 10 hits ‘Lean On Me' number 3 in '85 and ‘For America' number 10 in '86.The CD booklet features a UK discography and various sleeve notes including a written contribution by lead vocalist Simon Toulson-Clarke. The CD includes 6 bonus tracks, the band's original Cherry Red single ‘Chenko/Valley' and all of the b/sides from the singles listed above. The b/sides are appearing on CD for the first time. Red Box came to the attention of the world with their debut single "Chenko" on Cherry Red Records in 1983.

The band soon signed to WEA Records and the band hit the upper reaches of the charts with their 2nd single ‘Lean On Me'. The band enjoyed further single chart success and released two albums, 'The Circle & The Square' and 'Motive'. Red Box should've enjoyed lasting success but the band's output stopped there until the re-recorded version of ‘Lean On Me' was made available through iTunes by the band in 2007. The band's influence is still evident today with many fan websites created to celebrate the band's music.

Our Price: £9.95

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From The Tea Rooms Of Mars To The Hell Holes Of Uranus
A keenly awaited repress of this innovative and timeless album, "From The Tea Rooms Of Mars" by electro pop pioneers, Landscape. Originally released in 1981 on RCA Records, the album enjoyed both commercial and critical success with a string of chart hits. The band's over-riding achievement was the way technology was used to create such a mainstream but also unusual sound. The CD features the 10 original tracks from the "From The Tea Rooms Of Mars....To The Hell Holes Of Uranus"album including the hit singles ‘Einstein A Go-Go’,‘European Man’ and ‘Norman Bates’ plus the bonus tracks featuring the singles ‘Eastern Girls’, ‘So Good So Pure So Kind’, ‘It's Not My Name’ and ‘You Know How To Hurt Me’. The CD booklet includes all the original artwork, sleeve notes and a complete discography of the band incorporating some of the band's original sleeves.
Our Price: £9.95

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Dreams That Money Can’t Buy: Three Disc Expanded Edition
Released on 29/08/11. Dreams That Money Can't Buy is the second solo
album by Holly Johnson and was originally released in 1991. This
three-disc expanded collector's edition gathers together all the
associated single Bsides, remixes and promo videos with a number of
previously unreleased tracks. Kirsty MacColl makes a guest appearance on
the track called Boyfriend '65 - a song originally intended as a duet.Highlights
of the deluxe package include the three singles Across The Universe,
Where Has Love Gone? and The People Want To Dance as well as Holly
Johnson's personal favourites Penny Arcade and The Great Love Story.This
specially packaged re-issue includes a special 16 page lyric and
picture booklet with an introduction written by Holly Johnson.
Our Price: £14.99

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