Clube Da Esquina - Milton Nascimento & Lô Borges

Clube Da Esquina
Brazil’s Milton Nascimento is a musical giant. Clube Da Esquina (Club on the Corner), first released in 1972, is one of Brazil’s most important albums. 

With Lô Borges, Milton Nascimento created a double album celebrating the music and musicians of their home state Minas Gerais. 

Remaining true to Brazilian music, the album also had influences from Paul McCartney, Procul Harum and Stevie Wonder, and had a focus on vocals. The album was composed over   six months in Piratininga, north of Rio. Clube Da Esquina took Brazilian music somewhere new with touches of music from Chile and Paraguay. It still sounds fresh – the melodies, the lush arrangements and Nascimento’s yearning voice are timeless. 

The Clube Da Esquina itself was an artistic collective in Minas Gerais of which Nascimento and Borges were founders. Clube Da Esquina exerted as strong an influence on Brazil as Tropicália, and this classic album became its mission statement.

Milton Nascimento is touring the world  during September and October and will visit the UK – the reissue of this milestone of Brazilian music is timely.

It has not been available on CD outside Brazil since 1994 and in the USA since 1995. 

Available 18/11/2013
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1. TUDO QUE VOCÊ PODIA SER                       11. CLUBE DA ESQUINA Nº 2 
2. CAIS                               12. PAISAGEM DA JANELA 
3. TREM AZUL                               13. ME DEIXA EM PAZ 
4. SAÍDAS E BANDEIRAS N? 1                       14. OS POVOS 
5. NUVEM CIGANA                       15. SAÍDAS E BANDEIRAS N? 2 
6. CRAVO E CANELA                       16. UM GOSTO DE SOL 
7. DOS CRUCES                               17. PELO AMOR DE DEUS 
9. SAN VICENTE                                19. TREM DE DOIDO 
10. ESTRELAS                                20. NADA SERÁ COMO ANTES 
                                       21. AO QUE VAI NASCER

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·        By 1977 when they began recording together, Thelma Houston was enjoying her first wave of across-the-board international success with her now-classic cover of Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes’ ‘Don’t Leave Me This Way’; a year earlier, established hitmaker Jerry Butler had signed with Motown and released his label debut "Love’s On The Menu” (reissued by SoulMusic Records in 2013 along with his second Motown LP, "Suite For A Single Girl,” SMCR-25086).  ·       With production by Butler himself and Homer Talbert and Motown hitmaker Hal Davis and Michael B. Sutton, THELMA & JERRY (a US Top 20 R&B album) included covers of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Joy Inside My Tears’;  a medley of Chicago’s ‘If You Leave Me Now’ with The Bee Gees’ ‘Love So Right’; and a Top 100 R&B charted single, ‘It’s A Lifetime Thing’ (the flipside of which "Kiss Me Now” is included on this CD reissue as a bonus track). 
·       The follow-up 1978 LP TWO TO ONE consisted of just two Houston-Butler duets (left over from sessions for the previous album) and three solo tracks from each performer.  
·       Notes by renowned UK writer Charles Waring include 2013 quotes from Thelma Houston.  

Available 14/10/2013
Our Price: £10.95

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