As I Was Saying - John Howard

As I Was Saying
As I Was Saying is a collection of new John Howard songs written and recorded in a fashion similar to Kid in a Big World. Howard acknowledges as much with the very title of As I Was Saying, admitting that the album picks up where he left off, and the remarkable thing about the album is how it completes strands left hanging from his '70s work.

Apart from the cleaner and crisper modern production, this could easily be mistaken for a lost album from the '70s, not just because this is luxurious songwriterly pop in the vein of Elton John, Paul McCartney, and early Al Stewart.

It's that Howard's writing is as strong as it was in the '70s - clever in his lyrics and graceful in his melodies, whether he's campily bouncing along on "The Dilemma of the Homosapien"; dialing down glam to its melodic essentials as he does on his Bowie salute, "Dear Glitterheart"; or sweetly riding a sentimental nostalgic waves as he does on "These Fifty Years." These qualities make As I Was Saying quite a lovely comeback.

It may not have the shock of the new the way that discovering Kid in a Big World did, but it's a quiet, understated gem of a comeback all the same, sure to please those who fell in love with him whether in 1973 or 2003.
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1. Taking It All To Heart 2. Dilemma of the Homosapien 3. Lonely Again with John Howard 4. Oh, Do Give It a Rest, Love 5. Dear Glitterheart 6. Magic of the Mystery 7. These Fifty Years 8. Sanctuary's Sojourn 9. Kind of AchingĀ  10. Life Is Never the Way We Want It To Be 11. Time of Day
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