Looking Back 80 Mod, Freakbeat & Swinging London Nuggets - Various Artists

Looking Back 80 Mod, Freakbeat & Swinging London Nuggets
A mammoth eighty-track compendium of the finest (mostly) British Mod sounds of the 60s, housed in a Clambox with a 48-page booklet. Looking Back boasts a smattering of previously unissued gems from the likes of A Wild Uncertainty, Tony Rivers& The Castaways, The Thoughts, The Trekkas and The Knave.

Many tracks are new to CD, including nuggets from the Lloyd Alexander Real Estate (who later became Audience), and soul obscurities from Maynell Wilson, Hoagy Benson and Watson T. Brown & Explosive. Looking Back is compiled and annotated by Paul Weller biographer and long-time Mod observer John Reed and designed by Andy Morten (Shindig magazine, Rev-Ola).

Many of the rarities here are drawn from cult British labels such as Planet, Ember and Chapter One. Other obscurities were only issued abroad (The Sorrows, The Alan Bown Set). Many of the artists, such as Arthur Brown and The Groundhogs, went on to enjoy huge success. The Valentines, for example, were fronted by a pre-AC/DC Bon Scott!
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he Arthur Brown Set - Don't Tell Me / The Untamed – It’s Not True / The Syndicats - Crawdaddy Simone / The Bats - On The Waterfront / John Lee Sgroundhogs- I’ll Never Fall In Love Again / Lloyd Alexander Real Estate - Watcha Gonna Do (When Your Baby Leaves You) / The In Crowd - Things She Says / Lindsay Muir Suntamed - Daddy Long Legs / The Rockin' Vickers - I Don't Need Your Kind / The Midnights - Show Me Around / The Other Side - Out My Light / The Tribe - Gamma Goochie / Ray Singer - Ah Oop / Mood Mosaic - Bond Street Pm / Laurel Aitken - Bongo Jerk / The Others - Oh Yeah / Ray Hoff & The Offbeats - My Good Friend Mary Jane / The Ministry Of Sound - Mary Mary / The Trekkas - Please Go / The Alleykatz - The Friendly Undertaker / Tommy Bruce - Can Your Monkey Do The Dog / The Couriers - Done Me Wrong / The Quiet Five - Tomorrow I’ll Be Gone / A Wild Uncertainty - Broken Truth / The Thoughts - Call Me Girl (Previously Unissued) / Earl Preston’s Realms- Daddy Rolling Stone (Live)

Disc Two - Soul Purpose - Hip Huggin Mini / The Brothers Grimm - Looky, Looky / J.J. Jackson - Come See Me / The Arthur Brown Set - Baby You Know What You're Doing / Lloyd Alexander Real Estate - Gonna Live Again / The Mirage - You Can’t Be Serious / Laurel Aitken & The Soulmen - Last Night / The Knave - Ace Of Clubs (Previously Unissued) / Fadin' Colours - (Just Like) Romeo & Juliet /  Glenn Ingram – I’ll Be Doggone / Tony Rivers & The Castaways – Can’t Make It Without You Baby (Previously Unissued) / A Wild Uncertainty - La La La Lies (Previously Unissued) / The Mike Stuart Span –Workout / The Spencer Davis Group - Every Little Thing / The Couriers - Take Away / Bobby Johnson & The Atoms – Tramp / The Corduroys - Too Much Of A Woman / Maynell Wilson - Motown Feeling / Watson t. Brown & The Explosive - i Close My Eyes / Ram John Holder- Yes I Do / Hoagy Benson – Kangaroo / John Lee’s Groundhogs - Over You Baby / The In Crowd - Stop Wait A Minute / The Trekkas - We Got A Good Thing Going (Previously Unissued) / The Valentines - Love Makes Sweet Music / The Sorrows – Ypotron / John's Children- But She’s Mine

Disc Three - Kris Ife – Hush / Watson t. Brown & explosive - Crying All Night / Stu James & The Mojos - Until My Baby Comes Home / The Ministry Of Sound - White Collar Worker / Katch 22 - Baby Love / John's Children - Just What You Want, Just What You ll Get / The Flies – I’m Not Your Stepping Stone (Demo) / The Birds - No Good Without You / The Renegades - Thirteen Women / The Kirkbys – It’s A Crime / The Mirage - Hold On / The Alan Bown Set - Jeu De Massacre (The Killing Game) / The Sorrows - Which Way / Hardin & York - Little Miss Blue / The Picadilly Line - Gone Gone Gone / The Salon Band - Sweet Motion / Sugar Simone - Take It Easy / Twinkle – Micky / Val Mckenna – I’ll Be Satisfied / Jacki Bond - Reviewing The Situation / Barbara Ruskin - Pawnbroker Pawnbroker / The Mckinleys - Sweet And Tender Romance / She Trinity - Climb That Tree / The Explosive - Step Out Of Line / Ray Singer & The Fenmen - What's Done Has Been Done / Episode Six - Jak D Or
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The Collage
Sounding like a groovy hybrid of The Free Design and The Mamas And The Papas, the L.A.-based COLLAGE recorded one fab LP for Smash Records, made appearances on American Bandstand, and Happening 68 and then promptly disappeared. released in January 1968, The Collage features songs penned by Curt Boettcher, Roger Nichols, The Addrisi Brothers, Price Andwalsh, and several originals by the band themselves. This first-ever CD issue of The Collage from the Original Masters includes 7 Bonus Tracks, including 4 cuts not found on the original LP. The full-colour booklet also includes rare, unpublished photos and extensive liner notes that feature the participation of original band members.
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Captain Sad and his Ship Of Fools
The Cowsills possessed one of the most pleasing vocal blends in all of popular music. In addition, they created—without proper credit—the blueprint for countless other singing “family bands,” including, the TV-created Partridge Family, who were actually based on The Cowsills. 1968’s Captain Sad And His Ship Of Fools—the band’s third long player for M-G-M—would prove to be a semi-conceptual album, which perfectly blended the group’s earlier helium-filled soft pop buoyancy with mystical psych pop excursions and sunshine pop sensibilities. The thread that tied these elements together was their undeniable vocal dexterity. This first-ever legitimate CD issue of Captain Sad And His Ship Of Fools includes the Top 10 hit “Indian Lake.” Also included are six bonus tracks, including the non-LP Top 50 single “Poor Baby.” Our Price: £9.95

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The Cowsills - Expanded Edition
The Cowsills possessed one of the most pleasing vocal blends in all of popular music. In addition, they created without proper credit the blueprint for countless other singing family bands, including, the TV-created Partridge Family, who were actually based on The Cowsills. Released in 1967, The Cowsills self-titled eponymous album was the perfect long-playing launch pad, blending soft pop buoyancy with psych pop excursions and sunshine pop sensibilities. The thread that tied these elements together was their undeniable vocal dexterity. This first-ever CD issue of The Cowsills from the Original Mono Master includes the Top 10 hit The Rain, The Park And Other Things. Also included are EIGHT Bonus Tracks, including all the material that comprised The Cowsills plus The Lincoln Park Zoo album. All sourced from original masters.
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Journey To A Plugged In State Of Mind Electronic Music : 100 Years Of Experimention And Exploitation
The story of electronic music and composition has, in recent decades, become a significant musical legacy. Seen by many as a novelty for a long time, the synthesiser and drum machine derived pop of the late 1970s and early 1980s finally landed the squeals and squelches of solder and circuit y in the mainstream, validating an extensive period of painstaking research and experimentation dating back to the late 19th Century. The connect ion between Edgard Varese, La Roux, Brian Eno, The Human League and The Plastic Cow Goes Moo is a complex and solder-heavy one. A Plugged In State Of Mind explores this long and exhaustive legacy and unearths the greatest albums, experiences and tunes from over a century of electronic sound. From anarchic sound art manifestos of the early 1900s to the three minute radio-friendly hits of the late Twentieth Century, via tape manipulations, WWII surplus gadgetry, synthetic versions of the Beat les and the development and domination of the synthesiser, the sequencer and their descendants which form the basic building blocks of much of the music we listen to today, the history of electronic music is a strange wonderland of cosmic highs and offbeat creativity; a story never less than compelling in its experimentalism and competitiveness. Key works by familiar early innovators such as Schaeffer, Cage, Stockhausen, Henry and Varese are explored, along with modern envelope pushers such as Aphex Twin and Squarepusher and lesser known unsung heroes and key equipment, such as The IBM 7090 Computer and Digital To Sound Transducer and The CSIRAC Computer. Key recordings are used as chronological touchstones for the story, and provide the reader with highly recommended entry points into this sometimes challenging universe. The author’s familiar, joyful style also lends a very accessible air to the subj ect . A companion CD set is also scheduled for release around the time of publication, and we anticipate a good deal of press and enthusiasm for a subject that any music fan or enthusiast for human technological development will find intriguing. Dave Henderson was managing director of Q, Mojo and Kerrang! for ten years. A former Sounds journalist who wrote about everything from Cabaret Voltaire to Can, Depeche Mode to Klaus Schulze, his foray into the history of electronic music has been many years in the making, and the resultant vinyl collection constitutes a legacy to some of the wildest material ever released. Our Price: £14.99

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Irish Folk, Trad and Blues: A Secret History
A browse in any music store reveals extensive collections of Irish folk, trad & blues. It is hard to imagine a time when it was otherwise, when musicians rarely had their work committed to any kind of disc. But great pioneers, groundbreakers, lived when the media and recording industry showed scant interest. Accounts of their lives and music survived through reminiscences and good fortune This fascinating history reveals the frustrations and truimphs of trail-blazers before the Irish music industry, and acts like U2 existed. Forgotten heroes and latter day legends interwine with honorary visitors, who took a bit of Ireland with them, like Bob Dylan and Arlo Guthrie But the main thrust of the book concerns the influence of homegrown pioneers from Sweeney's Men in the 1960's to Horslips, De Danann, Rory Gallagher and current groundbreakers like Martin Hayes. All are given their place in the sun. And, rescued from the shadow of Van, the further and long-lingering adventures of Them are finally revealed. Somewhere in between, the shadowy yet almost seminal influences of figures like Anne Briggs (Christy Moore's inspiration) are disclosed. ISBN: 1901447405 NO OF PAGES: 425 Our Price: £14.99

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