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Clotho’s Web
The follow up to our successful complete 60’s Decca period comes this complete coverage of Felix’s time with Mickie Most and RAK from 1970-1972.Picked up by Most at the time of Felix’s peak exposure on BBC TV they scored a top 20 hit with the first single, If I Could (a reworking of Paul Simon’s El Condor Pasa). Second single, Heaven Is Here was written especially by Hot Chocolate for Julie, and it too charted. A further single Snakeskin (made up from a Donovan riff) has gone on to become something of a club favourite due to its ‘Goo Goo Barabajagal’ like chopping guitar/drums backing.Keen to encourage Julie’s own writing Most recorded an LP (Clotho’s Web) with 11 out of the 12 songs penned by Julie, on the theme of the tapestry of life (Clotho being the greek fate who spins the thread of life). To record the album Julie brought in friends John Paul Jones, Madeline Bell,Stefan Grossman and Most brought in Cozy Powell plus mutual associate Big Jim Sullivan. The result, a stunning original work of high musician ship ,inventive songwriting, clever arrangements (the opening title track sounding real close to a Led Zep production from the period) , grossly overlooked in subsequent years.
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Clotho’s Web Rak (Srka 6752) (1972) - Clotho's Web / Windy Morning / Fire Water Earth & Air / Clickety Clack / Beside The Still Fjord / The Ballad Of San Andreas / Hills Of May / Moonlighth / Happiness / The Lean Years / Summer On Fire / Lady / Bonus Tracks Rak Singles -Heaven Is Here / Soon / Watching, Waiting / Portrait Of A Mistress As A Young Girl / If I Could / Alone / Snakeskin / Moonlight
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