A Real Cool Time Revisited - Swedish Punk, Pop and Garage Rock 1982-1989 - Various Artists

A Real Cool Time Revisited - Swedish Punk, Pop and Garage Rock 1982-1989
Back in 1985, the compilation album A Real Cool Time: Distorted Sounds From The North defined the sound of Sweden s garage rock revival. Bands like The Nomads whose song A Real Cool Time lent its name to the album The Creeps, The Shoutless and The Watermelon Men showed that Sweden was Europe s garage-psych hot bed. This was recognised in 2005 when Rhino’s Children of Nuggets box set featured many of the Swedish bands. Now, for the original album’s 25th anniversary, we have A Real Cool Time Revisited, the definitive Swedish overview of the country’s garage rock phenomenon. New fans of the 60s sound will find plenty of appeal and lustre in this Swedish jewel.Compiled by Swedish music maven Ulf Lindqvist, A Real Cool Time Revisited is the perfect companion piece to Do The Pop, the history of the Australian 80 s garage punk and Rhino’s Children of Nuggets box. The Swedish bands played alongside their Paisley Underground counterparts The Dream Syndicate, Green On Red, The Rain Parade and were just as vital as their Australian counterparts The Died Pretty and The Hoodoo Gurus. With notes by Mojo magazine’s Kieron Tyler (who also worked on Rhino’s Children of Nuggets box), and a full scene-setting essay and artist profiles by L-P Anderson, journalist for Sweden’s Sonic magazine, this era-defining set is rounded off with pics of every original single cover.
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Disc One:I’m 5 Years Ahead Of My Time - The Nomads / Insane – Shoutless / Unknown Journey - The Wayward Souls / Out Of My Mind - The Backdoor Men / Even I Tell Lies - Crimson Shadows / Silent Woods – Dolkows / No Lies - The Sonic Walthers / When I Get Home - The Hijackers / When She Lies - The Sinners / That’s The Breaks- The Voodoo Dolls / King Of The World - Legendary Lovers / Your Eyes - Watermelon Men / Help That Girl - The Wylde Mammoths / Where Are Sleeping Tonight ? - The Friends Inside / Don’t Put Me Down - The Stomach Mouths / Love Machine - Psychotic Youth / Motorbike Drivin - Wilmer X / Cartoon Animal - union Carbide Productions / Ramblin Wreckless Hobo - The Bottleups / Strangers- The Bangsters

Disc two:This Ain’t The Summer Of Love – Screaming Dizbüsters / Uppskärarjack (Jack The Ripper) – Problem / Don’t Push Me Around - The Slammers / She’s Gone - The Creeps / Don’t Lie To Me - Maryland Cookies / Plastic Surgeon - Dr. Yogami / Just Another Loner - Highway Slugs / Carry On - The Public Vein / Too Much Talk - The Bottleups / Daysafter Tomorrow – Playmates / Lost Revenge - The Pyromaniacs / Sudden Death – Slobster / Thirty Nine Steps - The Preachers / She’s Blind (Bit I Don’t Mind) – Pushtwangers / Hey Conductor - Cornflake Zoo / Sally - The Highspeed V / Fastest Car Around! - The Livingstones / Bopalina Bopalina Ow Mow Mow Mow – The Rumblers / Pig Valley Beach – Sator / Prime Mover - The Leather Nun
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