Technicolour Biography - John Howard

Technicolour Biography
The debut album by Howard from 1974, “Kid In A Big World” was reissued by RPM Records last year to a great reception both critically and commercially. Striking a chord with today’s tastemakers. Its tour de force the song ‘Goodbye Suzie’ was selected by Uncut Magazine to grace its cover mount CD, next to Franz Ferdinand.Keeping the momentum going RPM Records are now releasing Howard’s second album “Technicolour Biography”. The songs for this album were recorded in piano / vocal versions early in 1975, with Paul Phillips for CBS . However a change of company personnel heralded a shift in A&R policy at CBS and the album was shelved, remaining undiscovered until now.The songs on “Kid In A Big World” were from Howard’s early life and art college existence, but when he moved to London and became feted as “the next big thing”, aged 21, he experienced the low life of a big city and a taste for the high life, of being wined and dined, mixing in successful artist circles , travel . Naturally Howard’s song writing moved on also. Recording KID… at Abbey Road Studio 2 on the grand piano there, he found the depth and width of sound of the piano and the incredible historical ambience of Abbey Road inspirational and new songs poured out.Stripped to piano / vocal the songs on “Technicolour Biography” have an extra emotional quality, of someone baring their soul, as they are unable to hide behind strings or a band accompaniment. Howard’s impassioned vocals enhance this, and it is an extraordinary performance, with a highlight being the track The Deal (Good Good Lovin’) that really does remind you of the best that Elton John and Bernie Taupin could put together.Added to this package are three alternate versions of songs from the KID recording sessions, which as they overlapped with the writing of the “Technicolour Biography” material, fit in well.And finally, after years of being unavailable, yet highly sought after as never released on album before, ‘Casting Shadows’, the song Howard wrote in 1974 for the Peter Collinson movie ‘Open Season‘, starring Peter Fonda and William Holden, included. Written in Madrid and London, recorded in Rome. How life had changed for the young lad from life in a northern town!Howard performed his come back show in London at the Jermyn St Theatre in April this year, and buoyed by its success returns on August 26th to perform a specially constructed two part show at Cecil Sharp House.
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Take Up Your Partners / Technicolour Biography / Oh Dad / Blink In The Darkness / The Deal / Don’t It Just Hurt / Hall Of Mirrors / Coconut Bible / Lonely Woman / The Other Side Of Town / Just Waiting Here For You / Take Up Your Partners (Full Length)
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