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Best Of Planet Records
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A short lived Uk pop label from 1965-1966. Its importance is two fold, firstly the label was owned and run by legendary producer Shel Talmy and secondly it brought the world a band of great influence, the Creation. Talmys name in pop rock history is cemented by having forged some of the best 60's music that is still played today e.g. first 5 Who singles and first Lp, the Kinks from 1964-1967, Manfred Mann 1966-1968, Amen Corner, The Easybeats, The Pentangle. In 1965 having already begun a publishing company called Orbit Music Talmy moved onto the next phase of his career by starting his own label. He had a pressing and distribution deal with Phillips, and a partner in Arthur Howes the leading Live Promoter at the time. Most of the releases on Planet were produced by Shel with Glyn Johns as engineer, although a couple masters were also bought in of productions Talmy was particularly keen on (and one he wasn't brought in by his erstwhile partner, naturally its not on the compilation because its awful and Shel says so too!!).The result was an interesting mix and represented a snapshot of the pop music scene in the UK at the time. On the Rock/R&B side you have the Wild Uncertainty, the Creation,the Groundhogs, the Untamed, representing the 60's girl sound Perpetual Langley, Dani Sheridan and the US girl group the Orlons, and then the whimsical quirkiness (somewhat reminiscent of Ray Davies) of National Pinion Pole and Dave Helling.The demise of the label was hastened by Talmy's deal with Phillips which took so much of the profits he was left with virtually nothing with which to keep the label going. Thus Talmy called a halt at the end of 1966. Except for the Creation none of these recordings have ever been reissued and in their original single format are now very rare and collectable. RPM is proud to present the first ever collection of this interesting and valued 60's label and have lavished the customary poster inlay to bring you an extensive essay from Jon 'Mojo' Mills that includes plenty of information direct from Shel Talmy, plus original pics and memorabilia.
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Christine / Bells / DAVE HELLING / World's Champion / TONY LORD / Its Not True / UNTAMED / I'll Never Fall In Love Again / Over You Baby / JOHN LEE'S GROUNDHOGS / Please Go / TREKKAS / Guess I'm Dumb / DANI SHERIDAN / Gamma Goochie / I'm Leaving / TRIBE / We Wanna Stay Home / So Sad PERPETUAL LANGLEY / Make Your Mark Little Man / NATIONAL PINION POLE / Daddy Long Legs / THE UNTAMED / Surrender / Two By Two / PERPETUAL LANGLEY / Making Time / Try And Stop Me / CREATION / Spinning Top / ORLONS / All Night Stand / Memory Of your Love / THOUGHTS / Painter Man / Biff Bang Pow / CREATION / Man With Money / Broken Truth / A WILD UNCERTAINTY / Please Mr Sun / GNOMES OF ZURICH / Too Much Of A Woman / CORDUROYS
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