Glitterbest - 20 Pre-Punk 'n' Glam Terrace Stompers - Various Artists

Glitterbest - 20 Pre-Punk 'n' Glam Terrace Stompers
We roll up with the next album in the Lipsmackin’ 70’s series , and in effect a follow on to the highly successful Velvet Tinmine.What came out of reviews for VT on some tracks were comments about how certain glam tracks were pre cursors to the first punk singles in sound and attitude . So taking this as the concept beginning for Glitterbest (named after the Sex Pistols record company) we’ve pooled this collection of tracks that in some part laid foundations for the later movement.The set ranges across : the terrace aggro stompers of the Jook and Hammersmith Gorillas , who both lead into other tracks by Trevor White (singer/guitarist with the Jook) , and Crushed Butler (again led by the Gorillas legendary Jesse Hector) ; the trashy side with attitude that is the Hollywood Brats, recorded at Olympic in ‘73 ; the pub rock of Ducks Deluxe ; the precursor bands such as Englands Glory lead by Peter Perrett , Lipstick - a 1973 vehicle for Knox of the Vibrators , and the Chris Spedding single that provided an early outing for the Vibrators name .Added to which are some delightfully obscure glam singles that are little gems of spiky attitude or chaotic performance in their own right.


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Sick On You - Hollywood Brats / Little Boy Blue - Angel / Coast to Coast - Ducks Deluxe / Bang Bang Bullett - Streak / You Really Got Me - Hammersmith Gorillas / Sooner or Later - Flintlock / Good Friends - Milk & Cookies / Pogo Dancing - Chris Spedding & the Vibrators / Crazy Kids - Trevor White / Aggravation Place - Jook / Sweet Sweet Heart - Lipstick / I Need You - Helter Skelter / Ain't Misbehaving - Tiger Lily / All For The Love Of City Lights - Dog Rose / Fat Judy - Farm / Jam Jam - American Jam Band / City Of Fun - Englands Glory / High Skool Dropout - Crushed Butler / You Won't Come - Spunky Spider / Goodbye - One Hit Wonders
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Boobs: The Junk Shop Glam Discotheque
Part based on the club listings of the early 70s and part based on the club listings of today, this compilation has the dance floor groovers with a bit of strum, a bit of stomp, and a whole lotta Glam.You’ve probably never heard of any of the artists, but those collecting the Lipsmackin’ series appear to be used to that now. In fact as with one recent review of Volume 5 (Bubble Pop) they get a bit miffed if any of the tracks were a hit! . Some acts do have interesting links, Jimmy Jukebox is that Nut Rocker Kim Fowley, Shout It Out was written and produced by John Springate of the Glitter Band, Little Bit O’Soul was /is a 60’s Northern Soul classic by the Music Explosion given the glam treatment, the Jets keyboard player was also in Cockney Rebel, Good Time Fanny was written and produced by Andy Scott of the Sweet. All meat and drink to the collector. Oh and BOOBS actually was the name of an early 70s discotheque, in south London and Bristol (appropriately) at least, probably elsewhere too.
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The Scrap Iron Rhythm Revue
Centred on the irrefutable talents of Nigel Fletcher
and Rob Woodward, Stavely Makepeace began their career in the late 60s
releasing singles on 8 different labels. In the mid 1970’s they also
released records as an alter ego novelty band, Lieutenant Pigeon, and
scored massive hits. Enough to keep funding the more serious side to
their work as Stavely Makepeace.We present the first ever
collection of their work (no album having been released to date), with
the focus on their early - mid 1970’s peak period. Fletcher and
Woodward cultivated an extraordinary sound through recording with home
made equipment in the front room of Woodward’s mums house. Spending up
to 15 hours a day running tape loops, sound effects, playing
conventional and unconventional instruments, Stavely Makepeace occupy
the same territory as Delia Derbyshire and Joe Meek in producing
experimental pop music. As such the recordings have attracted followers
from today’s music tastemakers including St Etienne’s Bob Stanley and
Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker.The group actually beat their novelty alter
ego onto Top Of The Pops when in 1970 they appeared to promote the
single Edna. Their records also used to achieve significant amounts of
airplay from DJs such as Chris Tarrant and Annie Nightingale. Slippery
Rock 70’s has today found its way into the pantheon of top junkshop glam
records to collect, and took pride of place on the Velvet Tinmine
compilation last year.
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Velvet Tinmine - 20 Junkshop Glam Ravers
One of the RPM successes in the current decade gets a mascara make over. Since first release this influential album has been picked up by many tastemakers and reached as far as two tracks (Slippery Rock 70 s , Kick Out The Jams) being included in the movie Hot Fuzz. The album has also become the centre piece for the newly recognised pop sub –genre Junkshop Glam .The album has been unavailable for a period but due to popular demand is now set to return to the turntables. We have updated the packaging with new and extra photos, revised sleeve notes, and four different tracks. With stack-heeled beats, handclaps, tub-thumping, and vamped up rock n roll guitars being as popular now as ever, this is a good time to get into Junkshop Glam and the star spandex glories of Velvet Tinmine.
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