Glitterbest - 20 Pre-Punk 'n' Glam Terrace Stompers - Various Artists

Glitterbest - 20 Pre-Punk 'n' Glam Terrace Stompers
We roll up with the next album in the Lipsmackin’ 70’s series , and in effect a follow on to the highly successful Velvet Tinmine.What came out of reviews for VT on some tracks were comments about how certain glam tracks were pre cursors to the first punk singles in sound and attitude . So taking this as the concept beginning for Glitterbest (named after the Sex Pistols record company) we’ve pooled this collection of tracks that in some part laid foundations for the later movement.The set ranges across : the terrace aggro stompers of the Jook and Hammersmith Gorillas , who both lead into other tracks by Trevor White (singer/guitarist with the Jook) , and Crushed Butler (again led by the Gorillas legendary Jesse Hector) ; the trashy side with attitude that is the Hollywood Brats, recorded at Olympic in ‘73 ; the pub rock of Ducks Deluxe ; the precursor bands such as Englands Glory lead by Peter Perrett , Lipstick - a 1973 vehicle for Knox of the Vibrators , and the Chris Spedding single that provided an early outing for the Vibrators name .Added to which are some delightfully obscure glam singles that are little gems of spiky attitude or chaotic performance in their own right.


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Sick On You - Hollywood Brats / Little Boy Blue - Angel / Coast to Coast - Ducks Deluxe / Bang Bang Bullett - Streak / You Really Got Me - Hammersmith Gorillas / Sooner or Later - Flintlock / Good Friends - Milk & Cookies / Pogo Dancing - Chris Spedding & the Vibrators / Crazy Kids - Trevor White / Aggravation Place - Jook / Sweet Sweet Heart - Lipstick / I Need You - Helter Skelter / Ain't Misbehaving - Tiger Lily / All For The Love Of City Lights - Dog Rose / Fat Judy - Farm / Jam Jam - American Jam Band / City Of Fun - Englands Glory / High Skool Dropout - Crushed Butler / You Won't Come - Spunky Spider / Goodbye - One Hit Wonders
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Mambo And More
Yes, THE classic early Rev-Ola edition of this masterpiece of Exotica....complete with the outtakes and backing tracks that made it such a hit with not only fans, but on the amazing Miss Sumac's own website....eagerly sought after by everyone since it's deletion many years ago, this staple of the first Creation run of Rev-Ola is once more available!! This was the must-have Yma Sumac CD...the one which led to her rediscovery by ad agencies and movie music supevisors....looking and sounding even better!....Believe it!! Beautifully remastered from the original tapes! Contains sessions-in-progress and rarities from these amazing classic sessions. Wonderful sumptuous packaging in true RevOla style! THE definitive edition of this masterpiece of Exotica....available once more....a total MUST for everyone! Our Price: £9.95

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Boobs: The Junk Shop Glam Discotheque
Part based on the club listings of the early 70s and part based on the club listings of today, this compilation has the dance floor groovers with a bit of strum, a bit of stomp, and a whole lotta Glam.You’ve probably never heard of any of the artists, but those collecting the Lipsmackin’ series appear to be used to that now. In fact as with one recent review of Volume 5 (Bubble Pop) they get a bit miffed if any of the tracks were a hit! . Some acts do have interesting links, Jimmy Jukebox is that Nut Rocker Kim Fowley, Shout It Out was written and produced by John Springate of the Glitter Band, Little Bit O’Soul was /is a 60’s Northern Soul classic by the Music Explosion given the glam treatment, the Jets keyboard player was also in Cockney Rebel, Good Time Fanny was written and produced by Andy Scott of the Sweet. All meat and drink to the collector. Oh and BOOBS actually was the name of an early 70s discotheque, in south London and Bristol (appropriately) at least, probably elsewhere too.
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Dancing By Myself - Lost In Northern Soul
•    Classic northern soul from the vaults including a host of small time gems from the plethora of early ‘60s indie labels in the States and beyond

•    Including the Latin boogaloo of Johnny Zamot, the marvellously named Johnny Appalachian’s breathtaking ‘Up In Smoke’ and The Van Dellos’ infectious ‘I Need You

•    With the invariably oddball Esquirita masquerading as Eskew Reeder for his take on ‘Green Door’ and The Five Royales’ aching opener ‘Catch That Teardrop

•    Remastered from original sound sources with sleevenotes by MOJO magazine’s Dave Henderson


1.    CATCH THAT TEARdrop – The Five Royales
2.    KEEP ON LOVING ME – Joe Stubbs
3.    WHAT I REALLY MEANT TO SAY – Don and Juan
5.    HONKY TONK WOMAN – The Fabulous Playboys
6.    BABY I'M COMING HOME – Mack Rice
7.    FEVER – The Knockouts    
8.    NO MORE HEART – Sylvia Hill    
9.    UP IN SMOKE – Johnny Appalchian
10.    HEY MAMA    - Johnny Zamot
11.    WATCH YOUR STEP – Bobby Parker
12.    GREEN DOOR- Eskew Reeder
13.    SUMMERTIME - Tommy Navarro And The Sundialers     
14.    DON'T DO THIS TO ME – Cicero Blake
15.    I'M HURTING – Billy Gales    
16.    THE TROUBLE WITH GIRLS (OF TODAY) – James Conwell    
18.    MISS ORANGATANG – Lincoln Chase
19.    THE WATUSI – The Vibrations    
20.    MY HEART IS ON FIRE – Billy Bland    
21.    WHAT HAVE I DONE     - Jimmy Rogers
22.    DANCE BY YOURSELF – Justin Jones    
23.    IF I NEVER GET TO LOVE YOU – Lou Johnson
24.    STOP KNOCKIN' – Juanita Nixon    
25.    I NEED YOU - The Van Dellos     
26.    PUT A RING ON MY FINGER – Sue Perrin    
27.    A FAT BOY CAN CRY – Billy Stewart

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Millions Like Us: The Story of the Mod Revival 1977-1989
•    MILLIONS LIKE US is the first-ever box set to properly document the Mod Revival scene of the late Seventies and Eighties.

•    Across 100 tracks by all the key bands, the story of the Mod Revival is told, from its roots in Punk/New Wave through to its commercial heyday in 1979 with bands like Secret Affair and The Lambrettas and its resurrection in 1985 with The Untouchables and Makin’ Time.

•    The box set is being launched with a special live event at Wimbledon AFC – details TBC.

•    Millions Like Us follows the success of other  genre-defining Cherry Red box sets (e.g. Scared To Get Happy).

•    Many tracks have never been on CD before – and The Upset’s ‘Only For Sheep’ is previously unissued.

•    The box set boasts several Top 40 UK hit singles by Secret Affair, The Chords, The Lambrettas, The Untouchables and The Truth.

•    The Mod scene continues to endure, with several books, films and TV programmes  in 2014 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Mod’s breakthrough back in 1964.

•    The box set boasts lengthy sleeve-notes and numerous rare photos within a substantial booklet.

Please Note: This title is released December 8 and will not be dispatched before this date.

Track Listing:


1.    THE NEW HEARTS - Just Another Teenage Anthem
2.    THE EXITS - The Fashion Plague
3.    THE REACTION - I Can’t Resist
4.    STRANGEWAYS - All The Sounds Of Fear (Demo)
5.    SEMA 4 - Sema 4 Messages
6.    SPEEDBALL - No Survivors
7.    THE JOLT - See Saw
8.    THE CIGARETTES - They’re Back Again, Here They Come
9.    THE KILLERMETERS - Why Should It Happen To Me
10.    THE DONKEYS - What I Want
11.    SECRET AFFAIR - Time For Action
12.    PURPLE HEARTS - Millions Like Us
13.    THE CHORDS - Now It’s Gone
14.    BACK TO ZERO - Your Side Of Heaven
15.    SQUIRE - Walking Down The Kings Road
16.    MERTON PARKAS - Plastic Smile
17.    THE CROOKS - Modern Boys
18.    UNTAMED YOUTH Untamed Youth
19.    THE FIRST STEPS - The Beat Is Back
20.    THE NIPS - Gabrielle
21.    THE TEENBEATS - Strength Of The Nation
22.    THE LAMBRETTAS - Go Steady
23.    LONG TALL SHORTY - 1970’s Boy
24.    LES ELITE - Career Girls
25.    BEGGAR - Don’t Throw Your Life Away (live)
26.    THE MODS - Let Me Be The One (live)


1.    THE CIRCLES - Opening Up     
2.    THE ODDS - Saturday Night    
3.    SEVENTEEN - Bank Holiday Weekend               
4.    THE MOST - Carefree                
5.    THE SCENE - Hey Girl                
6.    THE SAME - Wild About You
7.    THE VANDELLS - Bank Holiday       
8.    THE DIRECTIONS - Three Bands Tonite              
9.    THE CHORDS - Maybe Tomorrow        
10.    STA-PREST - School Days         
11.    9 BELOW ZERO - Pack Fair And Square (previously unissued demo)
12.    THE ACCIDENTS - Blood Spattered With Guitars          
13.    MI5 - Television Screen Heroes           
14.    SECRET AFFAIR - My World    
15.    Q-TIPS - S.Y.S.L.J.F.M. (The Letter Song)          
16.    RED BEANS AND RICE - That Driving Beat         
17.    DEAD BEATS - Choose You      
18.    THE LETTERS - Nobody Loves Me         
19.    THE NAME - Fuck Art Let’s Dance (Demo)       
20.    THE LAMBRETTAS - D-a-a-ance             
21.    SQUIRE - My Mind Goes Round In Circles       
22.    THE SCENE - I’ve Had Enough                
23.    D.C.10’s - I Can See Through Walls     
24.    RUN 229 - Soho           
25.    THE FIXATIONS - No Way Out               
26.    TWO TONE PINKS - Don’t Lecture Me              


1.    SMALL HOURS - The Kid          
2.    WEEKEND - Tina’s Party           
3.    THE UPSET - Only For Sheep (previously unissued)    
4.    THE AMBER SQUAD - Can We Go Dancing       
5.    THE TIMES - Red With Purple Flashes               
6.    THE HEARTBEATS - Go              
7.    THE DODOS – Blind To Fiction         
8.    THE RETREADS - Would You Listen Girl            
9.    LONG TALL SHORTY - Win Or Lose      
10.    THE GENTS - The Faker            
11.    THE CLUES - No Vacancies               
12.    THE ONLOOKERS - You And I
13.    SMALL WORLD - Love Is Dead               
14.    PURPLE HEARTS - Plane Crash (Respond version)        
15.    THE STRIPES - One Step Ahead             
16.    DIRECT HITS - Modesty Blaise               
17.    THE DIPLOMATS - I’ll Keep On Holding On     
18.    THE TRUTH - Confusion (Hits Us Everytime)  
19.    THE PRISONERS - Hurricane   
20.    FAST EDDIE - I Don’t Need No Doctor                
21.    THE JETSET - Wednesday Girl               
22.    DEE WALKER - Jump Back        
23.    THE WAY OUT - Time Moves Us On
24.    MANUAL SCAN - Nothing You Can Do               
25.    MOD FUN - I Am With You    


1.    THE SCENE - Something That You Said              
2.    STUPIDITY - Bend Don’t Break              
3.    THE MOMENT - In This Town                
4.    THE UNTOUCHABLES - Free Yourself                
5.    THE COMBINE - Dreams Come True   
6.    THE ALLJACKS - Guilty              
7.    MAKIN’ TIME - Here Is My Number   
8.    THE CO-STARS - Kiss And Make Up     
9.    THE BOSS - One Good Reason              
10.    THE BLADES - The Last Man In Europe               
11.    5:30! - Catcher In The Rye       
12.    SOLID STATE - Train To London Town            
13.    ELEANOR RIGBY - I Want To Sleep With You  
14.    THE RAGE - Looking For You  
15.    THE THREADS - Step Back       
16.    THE RISK - Jobs For The Boys
17.    JAMES TAYLOR QUARTET - Blow Up   
18.    THE KICK - Julie London           
19.    THE REFLECTION A.O.B. - All I Want To Be       
20.    STUDIO 68 - Get Out Of My Hair          
21.    THE LEEPERS - Paint In A Day
22.    THE CLIQUE - Worming            
23.    THE AARDVARKS - Arthur C. Clarke   
Our Price: £24.95

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