Measure For Measure - The John Carter Anthology - John Carter

Measure For Measure - The John Carter Anthology
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A veritable one man recording industry during the 60's and 70's with hit songs, performances and productions. RPM focuses on John Carter the performer with a definitive collection of his essential recordings as the artist from 1963-1977. Compiled by Bob Stanley and John Carter the track list uncovers plenty of previously unissued material, as well as original versions of hit songs such as Winchester Cathedral (New Vaudville Band) and Sunshine Girl (Hermans Hermits). The Anthology ends with a mini collection of some of the many adverts Carter has written and recorded such as those for British Airways and Jelly Tots! Presented on a mid price double CD with package notes from Bob Stanley, and photos from the John Carter archive.As a prime exponent of Britain's answer to sunshine pop, the close harmony driven records of Carter have become increasingly popular amongst the retro taste makers during recent years. This anthology follows very successful collections of the Ivy League and the Flower Pot Men.
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Disc One: Will It Happen To Me - Carter Lewis & The Southerners / My Broken Heart - Carter Lewis & The Southerners / Somebody Told My Girl - Carter Lewis & The Southerners / Easy to Cry - Carter Lewis & The Southerners / Sweet And Tender Romance - Carter Lewis & The Southerners / Funny How Love Can Be - Ivy League / Lonely Room - Ivy League / Tossing & Turning - Ivy League / Running Round In Circles - Ivy League / My World Fell Down - Ivy League / Winchester Cathedral - John Carter / I Couldn't Spend Another Day Without You - ohn Carter / White Collar Worker - John Carter / Time and Motion Man - John Carter / Sunshine Girl - John Carter / Land Of Love - John Carter / Little Ray Of Sunshine - John Carter / Conversations - John Carter / Playing With Fire - John Carter / She Won't Come Out Tonight - John Carter / Am I Losing You - John Carter / Brown and Porters Lorny - John Carter / Light of the Charge Brigade - Viv Prince / Lets Go To San Francisco 1 & 2 - Flowerpot Men / A Walk In The Sky - Flowerpot Men / You Can Never Be Wrong - Flowerpot Men / Mythological Sunday - Friends

Disc 2: Letter to Josephine - Haystack / Pantomime People - Haystack / Tahiti Farewell - Haystack / A Night To Be Remembered - Dawn Chorus / My Sentimental Friend - John Carter / Knock Knock Who's There John Carter / White Dove - Flowerpot Men / Say Goodbye To Yesterday - Flowerpot Men / I Want To Be Where You Are Scarecrow / Little Boy Blue - Stamford Bridge / Happiness - Stamford Bridge / More Out Of Town - Stamford Bridge / First Day Of Your Life - Stamford Bridge / Arizona Been And Gone- Stamford Bridge / Dreams Are Ten A Penny - Kincade / Do You Remember Marilyn - Kincade / Big Hand For Annie - Kincade / Slow Down - Kincade / Beach Baby - First Class / Coney Island - First Class / What Became of Me - First Class / And She Cries - First Class / Sound Of Summer - Starbreakers / Hello Hello Hello - Stormy Petrel
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