Girls Go Zonk - Various Artists

Girls Go Zonk
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A companion release to the UK Brit Girl series Dream Babes , 'Girls Go Zonk' looks at the US Girl scene, mid 60's.Compiled by Mick Patrick, this album has plenty of obscurities to whet the collectors appetite such as: Margie Day - 'Tell Me In The Sunlight', written and produced by Scott Walker; Patti Seymour - 'The Silencers', written for the film of the same name but not used, instead featured in 2003 George Clooney movie 'Confessions of A Dangerous Mind'; the Murmaids version of Traffics Paper Sun. The CD also includes some maybe better known artists such as The Honeys, Donna Loren and Lou Christie's associates the Tammys.
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The Boy With The Way - Jamie Carter / Chico's Girls - The Girls / Paper Sun - The Murmaids / So, Do The Zonk - Donna Loren / Daddy You Just Gotta Let Him In - The Satisfactions / Mission Impossible - The Kane Triplets / Egyptian Shumba - The Tammys / You Don't Love Me - Starlets / Don't Worry Baby - Darlene McCrea / You're Invited To A Party - The Victorians / You Won't Even Know Her Name - Josephine Sunday / The One You Can't Have - The Honeys / Runaround Lover - Sharon Marie / Someday - Roberta Day / Tar and Cement - Verdelle Smith / Dynamite - Diane Renay / Games - The Pandoras / The Next Day - Debbie Burton / The Silencers - Patti Seymour / Tell Me In The Sunlight - Margie Day / Just A Face In The Crowd - Dynels / Where's My baby - Twilettes
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