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Listen To The Flowers Grow
On the 40th Anniversary of the summer of love and flower power classic Lets Go To San Francisco we present the story behind the song and the group. An interesting story unfolds as the studio recordings of John Carter and team take on a life as a real band, which brought in a further crop of outstanding performers. We begin with the build up pre- …San Francisco songs by group members such as Neil Landon, John Carter, Russ Alquist , through the Rain Rain Rain recording which used the Mellotron to such great effect and prefaced its later use by Carter on the hit just a couple of months later, onto the hit, and the various attempts at a follow up using different artist names.

The subsequent live group was led by vocalist Tony Burrows, but at times included future Deep Purple members Jon Lord and Nick Simper in the backing band. Our sleeve notes have new interviews with most of the writers and artists involved talking of their experiences with the group. Previously unreleased tracks, alternate versions, original mono versions, tracks unreleased at the time , all combine to make this a collectors gem, and a totally worthy celebration of the 40th anniversary.

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What's The Matter Juliet / Waiting Here For Someone (By Neil Landon) / I Couldn't Spend Another Day / Rain Rain Rain (John Carter Vocal) / Lets Go To San Francisco Part 1 (Original Mono) / Lets Go To San Francisco Part 2 (Original Mono) / A Walk In The Sky / Am I Losing You / A Man Without A Woman / You Can Never Be Wrong / Hello Hello Hello (Demo) / Piccolo Man (As Friends) / Life Is Living / Mythological Sunday (As Friends) / Letter To Josephine ( As Haystack) / Pantomime People (As Haystack) / A Night To Be Remembered (As Dawn Chorus) / Lets Go Back To San Francisco Part 1 / Lets Go Back To San Francisco Part 2
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The Bell Singles Collection

UNFORTUNATELY THIS TITLE IS CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK. Cherry Red Records apologises for the unavailability of this album, however if you would like to be notified when it is on sale again then please email Thanks.

• Every A and B side issued by The Glitter Band between 1974-76
• Includes six UK Top Ten hits plus many non LP B-sides
• Booklet features loads of rare European Picture Sleeves

Our Price: £9.00
Retail Price: £9.95

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The Untouchable
•    First time on CD for this UK No.4 LP from 1974
•    Includes the hit singles "My Coo Ca Choo” (No.2) and "Jealous Mind” (No.1)
•    Now comes with a rare bonus track previously never issued on CD or LP
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Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep / Acceleration / Drive On
•    Incredible value for money 41 track 2 CD release that gathers together the first three albums by Middle Of The Road
•    The international chart topper "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep” is present as are follow up UK chart hits like "Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum” (No.2) and "Soley Soley” (No.5)
•    Everything the four piece recorded for RCA Records is featured on this release including European chart hits like ”Samson & Delilah”, "Sacremento” and "Bottoms Up”. This is the ultimate Middle Of The Road release!
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Crystal Blue Symphonies: The Psychedelic Years
Released 27/04/09. Wow, another in our splendid series of overlooked Psychpop...and what a corker it is! In Europe at least, Tommy James is kind of the forgotten man of the 1960s...hit after hit, and what's available in Europe? Nothing much! After a run of megahits that included ‘Mony Mony’ (come on, everyone remembers that!), Tommy was ready to unleash his very own psychpop masterpieces…two fabulous albums released in short order, Crimson and Clover and Cellophane Symphony…veritable orgies of bendy pop, psych extravaganzas, early Moogs, theremins and tremolo! These are two albums long overdue for the RevOla treatment and here they are both in one handy place! Our Price: £9.95

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Brer Soul
Released on 26/07/10. Amazing stuff! A mad mix of
insanity and wisdom, with enough violent clashes of culture to shake
anyone up. Funk, soul, poetry and righteousness blend into a great
batch of tracks! Includes groovy cuts like Lilly Done the Zampoughi , The Dozens and Sera Sera Jim . Crazy! (Dusty Groove) Never
before released on CD, this is the collectable debut album from
African-American Poet, musician, film director, screenwriter,
playwright, novelist, composer Melvin Van Peebles, recorded for A&M
Records in 1968. Titled after Van Peebles nickname, Brer Soul is an album of street jazz and social poetry, pre-empting Rap and Hip-Hop. Rap
has its roots in The Dozens, an African-American verbal game in which
each player had to top his opponent by issuing the most creative
Our Price: £9.95

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