The Studio Album Plus - Tages

The Studio Album Plus
Released on 26/07/10. Next to The Hep Stars, Tages (pronounced tah-gez) were Sweden s biggest band in the 60s truly as big as The Beatles.

Hipper than the competition, they were always evolving and musically sensitive to the changing times. Originally released in 1967, Studio was their fifth album. It became Sweden s very-own Sergeant Pepper.

Instead of drawing on the music of India though, they found inspiration in traditional Swedish music this psychedelia has a unique slant.

Never before released outside Sweden, RPM International s special issue of Studio supplements the rare original album with all the non-album singles they recorded in its wake. Of these, Fantasy Island is world- class pop psychedelia, as classy as The Hollies' efforts in this area. Halcyon Days was specially written for them by Peter Frampton (then in The Herd).

Fans of psychedelia will finally have the chance to hear this landmark album. Accessible and tuneful, yet freaky and psychedelic too, the adventurous and melody-filled Studio is a must for anyone with even a passing interest in music of the era. The booklet will include an exclusive interview with Tages' songwriter Göran Lagerberg.


"It’s a recipe that, in the hands of lesser groups, often came across as half-baked, but with four albums and more than a dozen singles already under their belts, Tages had more than enough studio experience as well as the songwriting chops to pull it off.”  

-MS (Ugly Things – Spring 2011)

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Have You Seen Your Brother Lately / It’s My Life / Like A Woman / People Without Faces / I Left My Shoes At Home / She Is A Man / Seeing With Love / Created By You / What Sthe Time / It Sin A Dream / She Shavinga Baby Now / The Old Man Wafwer / Bonus Tracks - There Sa Blind Man Playing Fiddle In The Street (A-Side, Sd 6024, 2/68) / Fantasy Island (A-Side Sd 6036, 5/68) / To Be Free (B-Side, Parlophone Sd 6036, 5/68) / I Read You Like An Open Book (A-Side Sd 6054, 11/68) / Halcyon Days (B-Side Sd 6054, 11/68)
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It's Been a Long Long Time
·       Not only were The Hep Stars Sweden’s biggest band in the Sixties, they were where Benny Andersson first tasted success before achieving world-wide fame with ABBA. Without The Hep Stars, there would have been no ABBA.
·       It's Been A Long Long Time was The Hep Stars’ fourth album, released in February 1968 and not issued outside Sweden. It was their only album for the Cupol label and RPM International adds the only non-album single the band issued on the label. RPM International’s reissue is the first time the album has been released in Europe outside Sweden.
·       The sought-after and rare It's Been A Long Long Time is a classic, harmony filled sunshine pop album. It was recorded in London in 1967 with producer Steve Clark, the associate of legendary American songwriter and singer Curt Boettcher. With Clark, The Hep Stars were the first to record Boettcher’s songs "Another Time” and "Would You Like To Go”, later released in America by Sagittarius. Other songs on It's Been A Long Long Time had been recorded in America by The Association and The Ballroom.
·       A missing link in the story of ABBA, The Hep Stars’ It's Been A Long Long Time would be a legendary album even if the band didn’t feature Benny Andersson.

Available 21/10/2013
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