Young Sound R&B - Dynamites (The)

Young Sound R&B
Released on 21/02/11. first-ever official reissue of the sole album, outside Japan, by the Japanese fuzz drenched band The Dynamites follows RPM International’s successful reissue of The Mops Psychedelic Sounds In Japan. Released originally in Japan in April 1968, The Dynamites Young Sound R&B was, typically for a Japanese album of the period, bulked out with covers of the hits of the day. For us today however their musical translation of such covers is irresistible. For example Judy In Disguise is suffused with over the top fuzz guitar, with a compelling mangling of Mercy, Mercy, Mercy are real draws .

Naturally The Dynamites shine best on their own songs. Nobosecha Ikenai is a swinging Stones-a-like and Manatsu No Yoru No Dobutsuen is deranged fuzz-damaged garage punk where they sing about crazy samba nights. This reissue of the essential Young Sound R&B is enhanced by the addition of all The Dynamites non-album When, in his book Japrocksampler , Julian Cope said that The Dynamites had been considered outrageous in 1967 for their Blue Cheer version of Summertime Blues , he nailed the sonic frenzy The Dynamites' guitars captured at their wildest.

Sadly they did not record their take of Summertime Blues, but their classic single Tunnel To Heaven is one of the wildest, most fuzz-drenched, Japanese records from the 60s. This sums up the reasons why everyone should have The Dynamites Young Sound R&B in their collection.

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Young Sound R&B (Victor Sjv-357, 1968) -Tunnel Tengoku * (Single Version, Victor Vp-2, 1967) / Koi Wa Mo Takusen * (Single Version, Victor Vp-2, 1967) / Tunnel Tengoku / Massachusetts / Daydream Believer / Koi Wa Mo Takusan / Waling The Dog / Last Train To Clarksville / My Girl / Yume Ga Hoshii (Also Single, Victor Vp-6, 1968) / Judy In Disguise / Mercy Mercy Mercy / Nobosecha Ikenai / Otona No Senso (Also Single, Victor Vp-6, 1968) / Manatsu No Yoru No Dobutsuen * (Single, Victor Vp-9, 1968) / Kagawa Ni Natta Shimauma * (Single, Victor Vp-9, 1968) / Koi Wa Question *( Single, Victor Vp-14, 1968) / Sekaiju Ni Hohoemi Wo * (Single, Victor Vp- 14, 1968) / Bara To Akum * (Single, Victor Vp-17, 1969) / Yume-Demo Lisa * (Single, Victor Vp-17, 1969)
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