Since There Were Circles - Bob Lind

Since There Were Circles
Released 02/05/11. A star of the mid 60's US folk rock boom hitting the top 5 in America with his own song Elusive Butterfly . This song was then covered by many other artists around the world, as were later songs by the likes of the Turtles, Noel Harrison, Nancy Sinatra and Bobby Sherman, including Cheryl's Going Home (the Blues Project), Counting (Marianne Faithfull), and Mr. Zero (Yardbirds' lead singer Keith Relf). Emerging from the folk clubs of mid America, Lind hooked up with Jack Nitzsche, playing guitar on Nitzsche sessions for Liberty Records, before scoring his own hit single. In a way unfortunately for Lind he was then widely touted as the new Bob Dylan and the latest spokesperson for youth during 1966; as is the way of the music industry, an impossible tag to live up to and rather overshadowing Lind's fine recorded works that followed.

In 1970 Lind recorded Since There Were Circles , released in 1971 on Capitol Records in the US, with sadly limited availability elsewhere. It is another excellent collection of sensitive folk rock songs and pretty melodies, boasting special backing from guests Rod Dillard, Doug Dillard and Gene Clark. A rare and sought after album (around $200 on recent search) this the first time the album has been reissued, and is enhanced by the inclusion of four bonus tracks being supplied directly by Bob. (trivia note these tracks are being mixed, and the album re-mastered by Lind's present near-neighbour in Florida, Aerovon - Tom Hartman.)

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I Love To Sing / Sweet Harriet / City Scenes / Love Came Riding / Loser / Not That I Would Want Her Back / Theme From The Music Box / Anymore / Spilling Over / She Can Get Along / Up In The Morning Me / Since There Were Circles

Bonus Tracks
I Found You / Marlene / San Francisco Woman / Colorado Line / We Are Children Still
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