Hush - Kris Ife

The first hit single for Deep Purple was a version of
the song Hush . Their then bass player Nick Simper told Mojo Magazine
recently "the version Ritchie (Blackmore) and I heard was by Kris Ife,
in Manchester at a discotheque called the Phonograph. I had a friend in a
ballroom band who taught us the song." The Kris Ife version , released
in 1967 was a top discotheque spin then, and has become a club fav
today, original copies of the single now commanding decent prices on
ebay. Kris Ife had been in the harmony rock band The Quiet Five (see RPM
308) and was asked by a producer to sing a soulful version of this
country pop song written by Joe South. On the session was also keyboard
genius Alan Hawkshaw. It sold well in Germany and the Uk.. As the
boundaries between rock and soul blurred during the late 60's Ife
recorded more in that vein through the period. There were singles for
the Uk white soul label Music Factory, a take on the Righteous Brothers
in the duo Jackson & Jones , and swamp rock as Judd for an album in
the style of Tony Joe White for Larry Page and Penny Farthing Records.
The latter's UK rock soul credentials were enhanced by the addition of
Madeline Bell and Doris Troy on soaring backing vocals. All is collected
here with excellent track-by-track notes from Kris Ife, and photos from
his personal archive.
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