Fill Your Heart With… - Biff Rose

Fill Your Heart With…
A quirky singer songwriter with a humorous view of the world who created a stir in the late 1960’s when he released two albums on comedian Bill Cosby’s Tetragrammaton label in the US. Biff appeared on TV shows such as Johnny Carson and the Smothers Brothers, had billboard advertising promotion, toured live shows. It added up to a decent profile for this observational social commentator, who performed in a style similar to Tom Lehrer, and drew on experience performing in early 60’s vaudeville style revue. That would have been enough except that by 1972 one David Bowie discovered Biffs songs and performance style, the latter a major influence in the creation of the legendary album Hunky Dory. Specifically Bowie covered the song Fill Your Heart for that album, and Buzz The Fuzz was in the live set, recorded on bootleg tapes, when Bowie also talks about the songs originator.

Biff also had a near hit in the song Molly, had Van Dyke Parks play on one of his LPs and another one produced by Mike Nesmith. He is an extraordinary songwriter and performer worthy of any music fans attention.

This is the first time any material has been officially released on CD and the first time an overview compilation has been released. All with the cooperation of Biff Rose, whose career today also embraces painting, and who thus further contributed the front cover portrait exclusively for this album.

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Mama’s Boy / Fill Your Heart / Buzz The Fuzz / Molly / Just Like A Man / Evolution / Ballad Of Cliches / Color Blind Blues / Take Care Of My Brother / Myrtle’s Pies / Baby Love Song / Lord I Done Bumped Into You / Getting’ It Together / When We’re Together / He Had His Fling / Hello Dolphin (Live) / Quandary On Route 5 (Live) / When I Die (Live)
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