Well At Least its British - Alan Klein

Well At Least its British
After writing the soundtrack to the quintessential pre- Beatles English pop movie What A Crazy World Alan Klein scored a deal with Decca to write and perform his view of English society at the time. His style of delivery was very distinctive, not unlike contemporary Anthony Newley, and writing like Lionel Bart.

Ken Pitt whom also had another now renowned client called David Jones, soon to be David Bowie, managed Alan. That the early style of Bowie’s delivery is also akin to Kleins must surely be more than coincidence. In the mid 90’s Damon Albarn was asked about his influences and said about this LP “ ...it was instrumental in me making Modern Life Is Rubbish,and changing and getting an idea of my own self.... I can’t believe that David Bowie didn’t know him inside out, and the same with Ray Davies. My favourite track goes ‘ he’s a twentieth-century Englishman ’ (see Blur’s For Tomorrow). It’s a fantastic record.”

Klein went on to tour the world as vocalist in the New Vaudeville Band.

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